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According to the U.S. CDC, abortions, have been on a steady decline. As of 2015, abortions are at its lowest rate since 1975. However, as Focus on the Family points out, the problem with these statistics is that not all states are reporting a true record of legal abortions. The sizable drop from 1997-1998 (1,186, 039 – 884,273) reflects the absence of reporting from some states, including California.

This lack of accurate data stops the CDC from reporting true numbers of abortions performed in the USA.

According to the CDC report:

Chemical abortions – More than 25%

Surgical abortions – 75%

Women who had abortions with no previous children – 41%

Women who had abortions who have had at least one previous abortion – 44%

Single Women – 86%

Women 24 years of age and younger – 41%

At these levels, approximately one-quarter of women will have an abortion by the age of 45.

Approximately 15,000 abortions are reported to be as a result of rape or incest, representing 1.5 of all abortions.

At first, I was surprised that not all states gave a accurate record or one at all, then I remembered, we are in a war for the unborn. As we all know, not all sides adhere to the rules of war.

Unfortunately, the numbers in this research are high, so if we added the total count absent from the states that did not accurately report or report at all, imagine how high the numbers would be.

These statistics tell me this is a business and one that is making untold amounts of money. It is not about women’s healthcare.

I leave you with this video from Focus on the Family that shows us what we are fighting for.

We need your help to be a voice for the unborn.

Don't be censored

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