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Human traffickers choose victims for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons are emotional vulnerability, financial hardships, insecurities, opportunity of finding someone alone, etc. There is no specific type of person that is more susceptible than another to be a victim. Traffickers will often take their victims to unfamiliar locations so that the victims is dependent upon their captor. Most victims won’t come forward because of fear, inability to communicate due to language barriers, or even fear of law enforcement. Often traffickers will belittle and degrade their victims, making them think it’s their fault so shame prevents them from reaching out for help.  

The International Labor Organization estimates that there are 40.3 million victims of human trafficking globally with more than 49,000 total cases of human trafficking reported to the Hotline in the past 10 years. 

  • 81% of them are trapped into forced labor
  • 25% of them are children
  • 75% are woman and girls. (Polaris)

Most traffickers control their victims psychologically first. They trick their victims by gaining their trust with promises of gifts, a better life, convince them that they love them    and show them affection. If this begins to fail, most traffickers turn to violence to maintain control. 

References: Polaris. (2018). Human trafficking: The facts.

Don't be censored

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