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Conception has two meanings.

1. Creating children through procreation.

2. Devise a plan of action for a particular outcome.

Everything that exists in our world was conceived whether by childbirth or an idea pulled from someone’s mind.

One can argue Earth came about through some great cosmic explosion or that an Almighty God created the earth and all creatures living on Earth.  Perhaps God used the cosmic explosion to create the earth.  I believe a Higher Power, God, created our Earth and us. My article will reflect this belief.

God devised a plan to create a world where humans could live and thrive.

In this plan, he gave us the command, to “replenish the Earth.” In other words, Men and Women were supposed to procreate. It is his desire for us to multiply the earth with our children.

If from the beginning of time; it was an almighty creator’s desire for us to procreate then why would we think it is okay to destroy our children now? I don’t think he ever gave us permission to do so.

Creation is such a beautiful thing. I fell in love with my child at first sight, and I cannot imagine ever harming her. She is a mini replica of me both in looks and in actions.

I was thirty-nine when my daughter was born. I could have listened to the doctor’s warning that at my age, having a Down’s syndrome baby was possible. Out of fear, I could have chosen to abort. However, I chose to ignore their warnings, and I chose life.

Thirteen years have passed, and I have a healthy, happy, active daughter.

I am sure parents with Special Needs Children feel the same way I do about my daughter.

Every life matters.

In closing, I would like to give you something to ponder.

According to the census, the American population is at its lowest rate in eighty years

NOTE:  (Their statistics do not include ABORTIONS)

Children born in America are LOWER than the arrival of IMMIGRANTS into our country. Our country growth is largely attributed to immigration, according to Brookings. I don’t know about you, but this hurts my heart as it tells me, that as Americans don’t have children in numbers to replenish our numbers, our country will not remain it’s own.

If abortions in America continue, how long would it take for our American culture to fade out of existence? Our statistics are quite low as it is so it would not take long.

What is the answer? We as Americans need to have babies, and we need to STOP ABORTIONS. If we won the battle against unfettered abortions, could we save our America? I don’t know, but don’t you think our country, and our children are worth the fight? I do!

Don't be censored

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