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I looked at Planned Parenthood’s 2017-2018 annual report, and they have been busy.

In 2018, Planned Parenthood conducted 332,757 abortions, approximately 11,000 more than in 2017. They break it down in their report to be 3.4% abortions as services rendered, up from last year’s 3% report.

While these statistics MAY be accurate, they ARE certainly MISLEADING. I’ll discuss this in future articles.

Planned Parenthood is proud of these numbers, and vow to continue with their murderous actions against unborn babies. They also plan to continue to fight for their right to exist claiming they not only help women, but are working with the LGBTQ, immigrant, and environmental groups.

I nearly choked when I saw their slogan inside their 2016-2017 report, “Together, We Fight For All.” Hmm, does “ALL” include the unborn child? I think not. In fact, the word, “ALL” is definitely misinforming.

In Planned Parenthood’s report, they boast they receive support from entertainers, fashion industry, tech industry, and yes, even from those in the faith community.

Planned Parenthood is leveraging their powers politically as noted with a statement inside their 2016-2017 report. The words in the last line should enrage and frighten us. They are patient, they are making political allies, and they will not stop until they achieve victory, no matter how long it takes them.

“While we’re resisting attacks on access to care from the federal government, actions by state legislatures deeply affect Planned Parenthood’s ability to provide care. Working to stop harmful bills from becoming law and fighting in the courts is key to protecting access to reproductive health care. Even with an increasingly hostile political climate, we have had some remarkable successes.”

Often, these victories are several years in the making, requiring long-term investment in state advocacy infrastructure, local coalition building, and ongoing policy development.”

Inside the 2017-2018 report, Cecile Richards, who took over the helm from the Planned Parenthood’s new headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, makes a statement inside the new report.

Their fight continues and is fueled by their hatred of all that is right and just.

This was the second year of a hostile administration and Congress in Washington — but the 102nd year of Planned Parenthood’s fight to build a world of equality and opportunity for all. There are still great challenges ahead, and every day the people who rely on Planned Parenthood face attacks on their families, their health, and their dignity. But Planned Parenthood’s 12 million supporters are stronger than ever, ready to defend our hard-won rights and press forward into the future, together.”

“We are here today to thank generations of organizers, troublemakers, and hell-raisers who formed secret sisterhoods, who opened Planned Parenthood health centers in their communities, and demanded the right to control their own bodies.”

Perhaps, it’s time we rally together and fight for what is the most sacred right any human has ~ the right to life.

Sources: Planned Parenthood

Don't be censored

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