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We have a crisis at the border unlike we have ever experienced before. The invasion isn’t just on its way; it’s begun in America now.

“Americans suffer because of the influx of illegal aliens into our country.”~President Donald Trump.

When President Trump began his run for president, he warned us about the border issue. Some did not believe him, but many other Americans trusted him, and we stood behind him.

On Tuesday, President Trump took to Twitter to reiterate his thoughts on the crisis. In the tweet, he mentions the loopholes that are causing severe problems.

Catch and Release was Obama’s way of preventing the immigrant to be detained in immigration detention. The idea behind this was that low-risk immigrants such as families, children, and those seeking asylum were kept safe.

However, these loopholes caused illegal aliens to flood our country.

There were many loopholes in this law, but I only mention a few for this article. Credible Fear, Trafficking Victims Reauthorization Protection Act of 2008 (TVPRA).21 Section 462, and the Flores Agreement.

These loopholes were open areas up for abuse. Many false claims were reported, citing each of the valid reasons for remaining in US custody, and on American soil. Eventually, these immigrants would be released to reside in America freely. The Illegal Immigration estimation sits at 22+million, but most likely higher.

Donald Trump has since ended the Catch and Release law, but we will suffer the consequences of Obama’s actions for many years to come.

Thank you, President Trump, for ending Catch and Release.

Do not be fooled, my fellow patriots, this is an invasion.

Source Material: Center for Immigration Studies

Don't be censored

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