The 2020 Presidential Election: Trump vs. Biden?

Will the Democrats choose VP Biden, or swing FAR left?

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As the 2020 Presidential election cycle warms up, we are curious to see who the Democrats will crown as their nominee. Even though he hasn’t formally announced, VP Joe Biden seems to be leading in the polls. However, self-proclaimed Socialist, Senator Bernie Sanders (I- Vermont) is running a tight second in the polls for the Democrat candidate for President.

Will Biden survive the stories of his behavior toward women in this time of the #MeToo movement and win the nomination? Or will he fall on the wayside, leaving a path for Sanders to take the DNC to the extreme left?

Regardless, of who is running against President Trump, it’s sure to be entertaining to watch. No one thought Trump could beat Hillary Clinton. Well, nothing prepared the DC Swamp for candidate Donald J. Trump. He didn’t play by their rules. Trump dictated the rules and destroyed Hillary in the process.

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