Democrats Appear to Be in Full Panic

Be Careful What You Ask For

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For over two years, we have heard the Democrats beat the Russia Collusion drum. We were told that President Trump had better not fire Mueller until he completed his investigation. However, once he did and it was announced that the Trump campaign DID NOT collude with the Russians to beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election, these same Democrats cried foul.

Now, they are trying to push that President Trump is guilty of Obstruction of Justice. Unfortunately, it only gets better from there. These same Democrats are now accusing anyone who believes the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign is some sort on Tin Foil Hat conspiracy nut. It’s funny how a proven hoax is okay, but something with cold, hard evidence is crazy.

Okay, well, I’m going to put on my Tin Foil Hat for a moment. Isn’t the timing suspect that AG Barr would say the Trump campaign was spied on, and then a couple of days later Julian Assange is arrested? Everyone knows that Mr. Assange knows where, as they say, all the bodies are buried.

Could there be something cooking in the background? Could this be a way to blow the top off the entire Deep State? As Patriots, we’ve all wondered when the main players in the Russia hoax would finally face judgment. We’ve all grit our teeth watching Bill and Hillary Clinton seem to slide out of one illegal controversy to another, and never face criminal charges.

This writer stands with Trish Regan in her question, “Are the Democrats obstructing justice?” It’s time to make the guilty pay for their MANY crimes.

I also have a question. Who will be the first to take the walk of shame, or as my friends in Law Enforcement call it, the Perp-Walk? I have a feeling that day is coming soon.

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  1. Obama and nancy have been spending time in Germany which pushes Socialism. Funny how we the USW saved them and all of Europe from Hilter. These people will never stop, Obama is running a shadow govt still in charge, and going around the world drumming up support. The ywan\t a one world order, so he is turning the world against us. So tell me how america will ever recover when he is allowed to do this. How will we ever survive? Then you have the muslims trying to take our country, Cuba threatening, I knew Obama was up to no good when he reestablished a relationship with our enemy. Then we have Mexico and it’s Cartel driven country, which Hilary is owned by, that is why so many end up dead. We are the target of so many, how will we survive this? I know that a civil war will have to happen and soon. That is our only chance! How sad when we are the ones everyone always has come to for help then turn on us like wolves. They are determined to get their one world order by any means. That will make us paid slaves working for them not the other way round. Unless God steps in, we are doomed, face it. And why would he? WE let him be kicked out of this cou7ntry. Sorry to be negative, but I tell the truth.

    • Thank you for leaving your comment. I agree with you completely. It’s hard to believe that Obama and Pelosi are not already under lock and key. However, I pray they will face judgment SOON. Please help the Trump Dispatch continue to grow by sharing our articles with your Patriot friends.


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