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It’s a well-known fact that Julian Assange has been arrested. It’s also known that he will likely be brought to the US to face “justice”. This is a man that is enemy to both the left and the right. He stated long ago, that if he got arrested, he was going to dump all of the dirt that he dug up on all of the powerful political figures. Guess what? He has kept his promise. The WikiLeaks files were dumped for the world to see.

Our government has a formal negotiation, investigative tool that is used rarely. However, when used it allows them to offer total immunity to an individual for crimes they committed, were a witness, or of which they had knowledge.

Though there are pros and cons to a proffer session, if the government has interest in what Julian Assange has to say, it’s very likely that he will qualify for proffer or “queen for a day”. At this point, the information that he can provide will far outweigh his direct involvement. This is a classic example of forgive the one to take down the many.

Proffer or “queen for a day” are letters of written agreements between the federal prosecutors and a person/persons which allow these individuals to inform the government about their knowledge or participation in crimes with the assurance their words cannot be used against them in any way at any later date.

During one of these agreements, you will attend a “session” with yourself, your attorney, the Assistant US Attorney and at least one federal agent. A proffer session is a way to show the authorities what you can bring to the table if they cut a deal with you.

Most of these agreements are made with the informal understanding that the government will enter into a formal, written immunity agreement or plea bargain agreement with the individual if they feel that you are telling the truth.

The risk of using the proffer can be great if the individual doesn’t inform them of everything the individual knows. If at any time, they acquire new evidence against that individual, that the individual has not mentioned, they may use the evidence against them in a future hearing. If they feel that the individual has lied during the proffer session, they can indict you under Section 1001 of the federal criminal code for false statements to the government.

After the proffer session, if the individual takes the stand, and there are any inconsistencies in their trial testimony, the prosecution may hold it against them and they may be charged for certain crimes.

At this point, the likelihood that Julian Assange will ever be tried for any crimes. With all of his knowledge, it would be doubtful. He has entirely too much information on the corrupt politicians who are doing their best to hold on to what they have. With his testimony and all of the evidence that he has collected, he can bring down these deep state players single-handedly.

We have all seen the video of Assange being arrested. The left will tell you that he’s shaking about his arrest and is going to panic. However, does this really look like the face of a man who’s worried? I think not.

Don't be censored

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