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First Lady Melania Trump with Karen Pence traveled to Fort Bragg, North Carolina for a Q&A with children at the Albritton Middle School.

The children asked what the most significant changes were for them. Karen Pence answered that she had to get accustomed to someone driving her everywhere.

Mrs. Trump says the move from New York to D.C., and having different responsibilities as First Lady was the big one for her.

“But I would not change it for anything. I love what I do. I will always shine a light on children and the next generation.”

The First lady went on to say she thought both their husbands were doing a good job. She is proud of her husband and will be there if he chooses to run in 2020.

Karen Pence agreed with Melania, “it is an honor and a privilege to have this journey, and would like to return in 2020.”

As I watched the video of our First Lady with the children, it’s evident she is having fun with them.

First Lady Melania Trump is a lovely, graceful woman, and I am proud to call her my First Lady.

Don't be censored

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