Don't be censored

With all the crying and complaining about AG Barr’s plan to release a redacted version of the Mueller Report this Thursday, it will be interesting to see how the Democrats react.

According to an agency spokesperson on Monday, the report is expected to released Thursday morning. It will be available to the public as well as Congress. However, will this be enough to silence the Democrats? Doubtful.

It’s reported the Special Counsel’s team, and Department of Justice have been working on redacting information such as grand jury testimony, classified information, and materials related to ongoing investigations.

Unfortunately, most believe the release on Thursday probably won’t be good enough for the Democrats. They’ve invested 2 LONG years trying to frame President Trump, and it looks as though they are not ready to surrender.

It also appears that House Judiciary chairman Jerry Nadler has been authorized to subpoena AG Barr for the full, unredacted report.

Don't be censored

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