You Want’em, You can Have’em

President Trump forces the Democrats to eat their words

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Let me begin by saying this article will insult those who support open borders at all cost. As a proud American Patriot, I have lived my life obeying the laws of this country and doing my best to be a productive citizen. However, it seems there are those who believe our laws only apply to the everyday American. The person just trying to raise their family and leave something behind better for future generations.

The day Donald J. Trump came down that escalator and announced his bid for President of the United States, I knew we could FINALLY have a President that took the illegal alien issue seriously. For years, we have heard politician after politician promise to build the wall and even voted for the funding. However, for some strange reason, the wall is still not complete. What happened to the MILLIONS set aside for the Wall? Why don’t we have strong security along our southern border? Why are we forced to face this invasion of our country as it grows to a dangerous proportions?

I’ll tell you why, the Democrats and RINOs in the GOP, do not want a closed border. They are all Globalists, and have been working hard to force a Globalist agenda upon the American people. However, to achieve this goal they need people flooding into our country who would support their plan of fundamentally transforming this great Constitutional Republic. I’m sure we all remember when former President Obama used that term in a speech during the 2008 Presidential campaign.

However, the Democrats and RINOs in the GOP never expected President Trump to challenge them on their rhetoric by saying he’ll deliver ALL the illegals they want to their sanctuary cities. I must admit their reactions to the President’s idea is quite amusing.

To hear their cries of this being illegal and wrong, is beautiful music to those of us who have wanted the immigration problem fixed. You would think the Democrats would learn not to challenge President Trump. There is a new sheriff in town, and he doesn’t play by the rules all have in the past.

As the saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for because you just may get it.”

Don't be censored

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