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The Trump 2020 Presidential campaign has announced it will hold a ‘Make America Great Again’ rally in Wisconsin on April 27th. While we all love and look forward to his rallies, with this decision President Trump has also delivered a smack-down to the leftist media by scheduling his rally the same night as the White House correspondents’ dinner. Bravo, Mr. President!

Many had believed he would attend the event this year after not going last year. However, our beloved President isn’t one to do as Democrats and their lapdogs in the media desire.

“President Trump looks forward to sharing the successes of his administration with the great people of Wisconsin,” Michael Glassner, chief operating officer of Donald J. Trump for President Inc., said in a statement.

“Under President Trump’s leadership, paychecks are now growing twice as fast for those in the bottom half of the income spectrum. Unemployment has hit generational lows, and the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement will open Canadian dairy markets to farmers all across Wisconsin,” Mr. Glassner added.

While Presidents usually attend the annual event, Trump let it be known earlier this month that, for the third time since taking office, he would not attend.

“The dinner is so boring and so negative that we’re going to hold a very positive rally instead,” Trump said.

After the fiasco last year with comedian Michelle Wolf, one could not blame the President for not wanting to attend.

In this writer’s opinion, President Trump made the perfect decision. We’ve all seen how the rallies seem to recharge him. I can’t imagine facing the daggers and hate from those in the Democrat leadership, and leftist media like our President does each and every day.

We all know the media will bash the President, so why should he give them a formal platform in which to hurl their slings and arrows? Nope, the millions of Deplorables would much rather watch President Trump upset the leftists again by sharing his message of Promises Made and Promises Kept to a cheering crowd of proud Patriots.

Don't be censored

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