Democrats ‘Collusion’ Proven With Release of Mueller Report

The failure to prove collusion has the Democrats scrambling for cover.

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We all sat spell-bound yesterday as AG Barr delivered his statement on the Mueller Report. Of course, the Democrats were NOT happy at all with the findings. However, that did not dampen their desire to destroy President Trump.

While the Democrats circle their wagons and have switched narratives from Russia Collusion to Obstruction of Justice, one must ask the question… what else was in the report the Democrats don’t want to American people to know?

As this all unfolds, will President Trump finally release the FISA information? Will an investigation begin into how the United States Government used all its resources to spy on a Presidential candidate? Will there finally be an investigation into the MANY crimes committed by Hillary Clinton?

Knowing how President Trump is a counter-puncher, it’s sure to be an exciting time ahead. We elected President Trump to fix the mess left behind by previous administrations, and in our opinion at the Trump Dispatch, he’s doing one heck of a good job.

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