Law Suit Filed for Defamation in Smollett Case

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We all cringed when the report of two Trump supporters attacking Jussie Smollett hit the news. Of course, those on the left were quick to jump on the story. It fit right into their narrative of anyone who supports President Trump being a sub-human racist, right?

However, the truth has a nasty way of coming out, and Mr. Smollett’s story began to dissolve under the light of an excellent investigation by the Chicago Police Department. Unfortunately, far too many players have too much invested in the lie.

With this lawsuit against Mr. Smollett’s lawyers, will they rat-out their client and anyone behind the entire plan to frame imagined Trump supporters? It will be interesting to see how many others will be exposed as being involved in this fraudulent claim against those of us who support President Trump.

Could it go all the way up to those in DC who also appear to have been involved: Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama?

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out in Federal Court.

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