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In 2013, North Carolina became the 7th state to ban Sharia Law. Along with Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Tennessee, North Carolina has passed a law that prohibits state judges from considering Islamic Law in family cases. Since 2013, many other states have introduced the Anti-Sharia Law bill with Texas and Arkansas enacting legislation.

There is a widespread national debate on Sharia Law. Some states claim a ban is unconstitutional, while others argue the ban is not necessary because the US Constitution trumps any foreign laws. The seven states listed above feel that while the US Constitution does, in fact, trump any foreign laws, it needs to be known that one cannot abide by the laws that contradict the US Constitution and expect forgiveness.

In June 2009, a Hudson County judge in New Jersey denied a restraining order to a woman who claimed that her husband forced her to have sex against her will. The judge said that he was acting in a way “consistent with his practices”. The decision was reversed by a state appeals court but this was the beginning example for why states insisted on a need for a ban. 

In order to avoid any future claim of discrimination, North Carolina’s ban includes all foreign or religious laws that contradict that of the US Constitution. In other words, if someone does something that is perfectly acceptable in a foreign or religious sense but is illegal in the US, that person will still be punished in accordance with US law.

In Missouri, the governor vetoed an anti-Sharia bill because of its potential impact on international adoptions. The law in Oklahoma was deemed unconstitutional because it discriminated religions without justification. 

The United States is a country that accepts religious differences and various cultures. However,  the US also has a specific set of laws to protect its people. At no point should any laws or practices be allowed or considered that contradict them.

References: Brown, Matthew. August 28, 2013. Desert News US and World. North Carolina becomes the 7th state to ban Muslim Sharia Law.

Don't be censored

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