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After rescheduling, it looks like former Vice President Joe Biden will finally enter the 2020 Presidential race this Thursday.  He plans to make his announcement via a pre-recorded video. Then he will have a fundraiser at a later time. With the rest of the Democrat candidates racing to the far-left, apparently, Biden plans to present himself as a unifier.  Not only for a splintered Democratic Party but for the country. His message will be the country is fractured by the Trump presidency.

Sources close to the Biden campaign said he will focus on that he alone can defeat Trump. He also plans to run on the idea that he would continue where the eight years of Obama left off. He intends to present himself as an “Obama-Biden Democrat.” His goal is to tie himself to the president he served for eight years, with the hope this would build faith with progressives who see him as too centrist.

“The biggest strength of Joe Biden is his ability to connect and empathize one-on-one with people,” said one Democratic strategist. “So, I’d anticipate a lot of time spent at kitchen tables, union halls, firehouses — where he can look into their eyes, talk about issues, give them hope that this country will return to a semblance of normalcy and integrity under his watch.”

“He can also fire up a crowd like no other, so I’m sure there be a good mix of rallies and inspirational speeches,” the strategist added. “He’s also heavily steeped in policy and knows the ins and outs of every type of federal regulation and legislation, and can speak with authority on pretty much any issue. He’s a rare combination of personal connection and policy expertise — those who underestimate him do so at their own risk.”

Will, the Democrats, hitch their wagon to Joe Biden, or will they go for a far-leftist, such as Bernie Sanders? As of now, these two are at the top of the polls. However, will Biden stay there once the others running aim their attacks at him?

The Democrat primaries are sure to be a blood-bath, as each candidate fights for their place in the spotlight. Will Biden’s past come back to haunt him? Will the corruption of the Obama administration attach to him?  Will he even survive the primaries now that the Democrat party has taken such a hard left?

Biden unsuccessfully sought the Democratic presidential nomination in 1988 and then in 2008. However, he dropped out both times after lackluster showings.  Then chosen to run with Obama as VP, he decided not to run again in 2016.

With his history of groping women, uncomfortable pictures with children, and the corruption of his time serving as VP during the Obama presidency, it will be interesting to see how the other Democrat candidates handle him now that he is throwing his hat in the ring.

If Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders is the best the Democrats have to offer, it should be a fun Presidential election for freedom-loving Patriots. We all know that President Trump will take no prisoners. He won’t roll over and allow the Democrats to control the narrative. Just ask Hillary Clinton. She learned the hard way what happens when you take on President Donald J. Trump.

Don't be censored

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  1. I cannot believe Joe Biden why he thinks he is a candidate for president of our country. He gropes women and small children and to say he was vice president to Obama those 2 are criminals, for sure we don’t need another criminal in office Bernie Sanders is just as bad.


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