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Speaker Nancy Pelosi is at it again with attacks against President Trump. In her most recent rant, she calls him immoral, unethical, CORRUPT, and unpatriotic. Her statement is laughable because we all know this applies to her. It’s a sure bet that many of our fellow Americans will agree.

Speaker Pelosi has accused President Trump of obstructing justice on a daily bases amid the standoff over AG Barr’s testimony. Pelosi then goes on to say President Trump is hiding something, abuses his power, threatens national security, weakens our democracy, and mocks the precedent set by previous presidents.

Recently, she voiced her opposition to launching impeachment proceedings against President Trump, calling it “divisive” and “just not worth it.”

In this writer’s opinion, Nancy Pelosi is caving to those in her party who want to impeach our great president. Will these accusations and threats go unchallenged? Highly doubtful since President Trump did none of those things she has accused him of doing.

It will be interesting to see how everything plays out over the coming weeks and months. As the Democrats cry foul over the lack of ANY criminal activity linked to President Trump in the Mueller Report, they have foolishly opened the way for an investigation to THEIR many crimes.

With the Comey Report, the findings from United States Attorney John Huber’s extensive investigation, and the declassification of the FISA warrants all scheduled for release in the coming weeks, surely this has many in our Federal Government concerned of the possibility of criminal indictments for THEIR crimes.

The Democrats and their willing accomplices in the media have played a dangerous game. They have put partisan politics before the welfare and safety of the American people. Now, it’s their turn to face judgment for their actions against the President and the American people.

An article in The Federalist breaks down how the Democrats desire to protect Hillary Clinton over her ‘missing‘ emails, they have opened a door they may soon regret. If you wish to know more, it’s well worth the time to read.

There you have it, while Speaker Pelosi complains about President Trump, she needs to worry about herself and the rest of her associates in the Democrat Party. The day of justice for the American people is upon us.

President Trump was elected to #DrainTheSwamp. It appears that he is well on his way to fulling that promise.

Don't be censored

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