Breaking: More of their Lies Exposed for ALL to See!

The Deep State Players can run, but they can't hide!

Don't be censored

After 2+ years of lies about President Trump from the Democrats and the leftist media, the truth is coming to light. With the release of the Mueller Report, we’ve learned there was NO Russia Collusion and NO Obstruction of Justice. However, more evidence of their corruption has been exposed.

It will be interesting to see how those guilty of abusing their position in government to destroy candidate Donald Trump, then President-Elect Trump, to finally President Donald J. Trump will try to wiggle out of the legal troubles they are facing today.

President Trump has compared this to Watergate. However, in our opinion here at the Trump Dispatch, we believe what happened to President Trump, and those in his 2016 campaign will make Watergate look like a day in the park.

Who will be the first to fall? There are so many involved in this conspiracy, it will entertaining to watch them scampering for cover.

As Patriots, we’ve all waited for this day. #DrainTheSwamp

Don't be censored

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