Don't be censored

A picture book for second graders about a family with two moms. A lesson for fourth graders about a Gold Rush era stagecoach driver, Charley Parkhurst, who was born a woman, but lived as a man.

This is the history some U.S. students will learn about the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender queer lifestyle.

This is one reason why I home school, my child.

No, I’m not trying to shelter my child, and no I don’t hate those in the LGBTQ community.

Do I teach my child these things? Yes, I do. However, only when I BELIEVE my child is ready, not when some school mandates it.

I don’t believe our children in K-8th grade, are mature enough to deal with alternate lifestyles. They are young, sensitive, and impressionable. In my opinion, the school has NO business meddling into such affairs.

However, I understand some children are in situations that are less than desirable. The school is sometimes the only place they get attention, and where they learn about life. Some parents never speak to them about such sensitive subjects. Sadly, the school has often become a foster parent.

The public school system has failed our children. History has been diluted, altered, and in some cases, deleted altogether. A study shows teaching history is nearly non-existent in the public school system.

According to the New York Post, a 2012 story in Perspectives on History magazine by the University of North Carolina Professor Bruce VanSledright found that 88 percent of elementary school teachers considered teaching history a low priority.

The reasons are varied. VanSledright found that teachers didn’t focus on history because students aren’t tested on it at the state level. Why teach something you can’t test?

Unfortunately, in some schools, the history that is taught isn’t called history. It falls into a sub-category under other subjects.

The left has been pushing for years to get LGBTQ education into our schools, and now, it appears they are succeeding quite well. In my opinion, it’s a shame we have allowed them to get this far. Unfortunately, we may be too late to get it out of our education system.

According to some, LGBTQ is teaching about the trials and contributions of marginalized communities similar to suffragettes to black Americans-whose stories have been absent from the classrooms.

California became the first state who made this curriculum into law in 2011. It was then followed by New Jersey in January. However, they limited its mandate to middle and high school students.

On Thursday, Colorado lawmakers voted to mandate an LGBTQ curriculum for K-12 public school students. Governor Jared Polis, the nation’s first openly gay governor, will review the final bill before deciding whether to sign it into law.

“Our intent was to start teaching the history of everybody,” said Colorado Representative Brianna Buentello, who co-sponsored the bill, which mandates LGBTQ-inclusive courses a requirement for high school graduation.

“It’s a very different story that’s being told than the one, as minorities, we live every single day,” said Buentello, a public school teacher in Pueblo, Colorado.

If public educators must delve into this subject, then perhaps offering it to high school students, and as a minor class under the title, “Alternate Lifestyles,” or a similar title would be fine. This would allow the individual student to decide if he/she wants to take the class or to forgo it.

I believe the school system and the world as a whole are too quick to label a young girl or boy for the choices they make.

Just because a little girl likes to have short hair, play with toy cars, trains, play ball, and prefers to wear jeans instead of a tiara, or a little boy likes to cook or play with dolls, doesn’t mean he/she are gay.

Sadly, our society has lost its way in the midst of all this Political Correctness. The liberals are forcing the agenda into our schools and society as a way to control our lives, and the lives of our children.

It is a dangerous road we are traveling today, and if we don’t stop and make a U-turn, we will lose our individuality. We will, in essence, be enslaved.

Don't be censored

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