BREAKING: AG Barr Takes off the Gloves!

We've all been waiting for this!

Don't be censored

It looks like the Democrats and Deep State operatives involved in the Russia Collusion Hoax had better contact their lawyers, and SOON!

Tonight on Fox News, Sean Hannity covered this latest development in the quest to learn WHO was behind spying on then-candidate Trump and then tried to destroy his Presidency.

As the DC Swamp creatures run for cover, it will be interesting to see what the Democrats try to do to take the focus off their impending indictments. Grab your popcorn; it’s about to get entertaining.

After the evidence comes to light of the Democrat’s crimes, just how many of them do you think will be left in Washington DC? Wow, this could take the term, Drain the Swamp to a whole new level!

Don't be censored

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