Lara Trump Responds to the Actions of the Crazy Democrats

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It’s hard not to love how 2020 Trump campaign senior adviser Lara Trump doesn’t hold back when it comes to the Democrats. During her appearance on Waters World Saturday evening, she spoke about the Democrats and their full-blown tantrum. It seems, in their minds, when her Father-in-Law, President Donald J. Trump won the 2016 Presidential election, he stole the Presidency from the anointed one, Hillary Clinton.

We, at the Trump Dispatch, must agree with Lara Trump. The Democrats are, in fact, through their actions, the gift that keeps on giving. The more they whine and lash out, the more they expose their TRUE selves to the American people.

Lara Trump is the perfect spokesperson for the Trump 2020 Presidential re-election campaign. She is not only intelligent but can destroy the Democrats narrative with a beautiful smile on her face.

Bravo, Lara, we look forward to the next time you take it to the Democrats.

Don't be censored

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