Speaker Gingrich: China Needs Us More than We Need Them

President Trump ALWAYS puts America First.

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Speaker Newt Gingrich explains how the Chinese economy will suffer more than ours should President Trump continue with his demands.

President Trump knows how badly the deals between China and the United States have harmed our economy to the tune of BILLIONS in trade imbalance. His goal is to open FREE and FAIR trade with those doing business with the USA.

The days of the United States being the world’s ATM are over. We now have a President who puts America First!

Don't be censored

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  1. We heard rumours about goldstandard – and would like to know if GESARA concept is going to become real. All humanity are waiting for good things to happen. You are our angel on this planet, and we believe that you will save the planet and humanity from all evil that were hidden behind closed doors. And we – hard working humans – has ideas that we want to establish to make centre for innovations and new entrepreneurships. But today globalist system are stopping all efforts – and we are unpatient to startup. Please give us hope. All this arguing, and politics – was necessary to drain the swamp – but now it is time for golden age. And you are the one with 7 thrumpets. We love you! And believe that you are the chosen one 🙂 <3


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