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With the long list of Democrats running in the 2020 Presidential election, we hear the normal chants of how the Trump Tax cut only benefited the wealthy and corporations. I happen to find that charge from the Democrats quite amusing.

Let’s step back a moment and take a look at the full picture.

The United States Government collects billions of dollars in taxes from the American people each year to pay for our obligations. Over the years, however, the government has bloated to a point where if they were to take every single penny from the American Taxpayer, it still would not be enough to pay for everything the Democrats have promised.

With Medicare for All, free college tuition, and their crazy Global Climate Change schemes, it appears the Democrats have not learned from the lessons of the past. It’s the government, and it can afford anything, right?

How is that possible, you ask? Well, it’s because those in the Democrat Party don’t seem to understand it’s NOT the government’s money. They also don’t understand that one should live within their means. Nope, they believe as long as they have checks, they still have plenty of money. Well, I hate to inform them, their account is not only overdrawn but is, in fact, on the verge of being closed if they get their way.

The American people are tired of being told to tighten our belts, while those in government continue with their wild spending spree at OUR expense. It’s time for those in government to live by the same rules, We, the people, do each and every day.

If we find ourselves short of funds, we cut spending. If there is less money coming into our bank accounts, we find a way to live on what we have. We don’t wonder how we’re going to PAY to cut our spending.

We don’t say, “Well, it could hurt the cable company’s feelings if I turned off the movie channels.”

Nope, we cancel that service until such a time we can afford it again. We don’t go out and buy an expensive new car when our older one is still running if we can’t afford the high car payments.

No, we live within our means.

However, those in charge of our money in government do not feel as though they must live by the same rules. They will spend our tax dollars like a drunken fool on things that do not benefit the majority of the American people.

They’ve given billions to countries that hate us. They’ve spent billions to protect rich countries and then NEVER required it be paid-back.

Then like a slap in the face, those same fools in our government have wasted our tax dollars on special interest projects, such as grants for crazy things like giving over $100,000 for a study to learn why a child falls off a bicycle. They could have saved that money and just asked any parent.

Then they pay out billions in welfare benefits to illegal immigrants and refugees, while hard-working Americans go without.

We all saw on the news how THOUSANDS of those who illegally crossed our southern border were given taxpayer money and housing while the victims of the California fires lived in tents with NO real help from the Democrats in Sacramento.

There are countless entitlements the government at the federal and state level wastes our money on every year.

So, I return to the question I asked earlier. How do you pay for a Tax Cut?


You cannot pay for saving money. You cut spending because you can no longer afford to pay for something. You decide what is necessary and what is not. You get rid of the wasteful spending, tighten your belt, and move on. It’s actually quite simple.

This is one reason why the free-spending Democrats hate President Trump. He doesn’t believe the taxpayer money BELONGS to the government to spend as they wish. No, not at all. President Trump has gone through our bloated budget and cut wasteful spending much to the horror of the Democrats. However, he has much more to do.

So, whenever you hear one of the Democrat candidates for President say, “President Trump did not pay for his tax cut.” What they are really saying is, “Foolish people, we don’t want to cut spending. Besides, it’s really not yours, so send us more of YOUR hard-earned money.”

If you or I were to run our household budget that way, we’d be bankrupt and tossed out on the street. We need to let those we elect know we are tired of being their personal ATM. Our tax dollars were NEVER meant to pay for their special interest projects. We’ve entrusted them to be good stewards of our money. It’s time they realized that fact.

What are your thoughts on how our lawmakers use the money taken from the American taxpayer?

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