Democrats Caught in Their OWN Collusion to Destroy President Trump

It just keeps getting better.

Don't be censored

As the Democrats struggle to convince the American people that President Trump MUST be impeached, with each passing day their own crimes are being exposed. Congressman Tom McClintock (R-CA), a member of the House Judiciary Committee, explains how the President is well within his right to exercise Executive Privilege. The Congress is NOT all-powerful, as the Democrats seem to believe.

Today, Rep. Jerry Nadler made a fool of himself by demanding White House counsel, Don McGahn testify for his sham of a committee. However, nothing the Democrats do anymore is the least bit surprising.

The Democrats are in a complete meltdown. Their days of power of coming to an end. Soon THEY will be the ones facing judgment.

#DrainTheSwamp #Trump2020

Don't be censored

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