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From the day Donald Trump announced his bid for the Presidency, the Democrats and their accomplices in the Deep State have conspired on how to destroy him not only politically, but personally.

However, all their lies and schemes have blown up in their faces, and now it’s time to pay.

With the release of the Mueller Report, those praying it would be the death nail in the Trump Presidency have been twisting into knots trying to protect themselves from legal action for THEIR crimes. President Trump has been using the term, TREASON quite often lately, and in this writer’s opinion, it’s exactly what the Democrats are guilty of doing.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve all seen evidence surface that PROVES the guilt of those in the highest offices of our Intel agencies in organizing a coup to overthrow a duly elected President. They lied and even conspired with foreign agents to frame then candidate and finally President Donald J. Trump and anyone close to him and his campaign for unthinkable crimes against the United States of America.

However, their plan was doomed to fail, and now they are in a panic and pointing a guilty finger at each other.

The crimes committed by these corrupt individuals seem to know NO bounds. While the leftist media is focused on trying to save the Democrats and their goal of impeaching the President, there is more evidence of corrupt activities done by this group that is bubbling to the surface.

Much to the dismay of the Democrats, Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz has been hard at work over the last year looking into the sources and methods the FBI used to begin surveillance of a one-time Trump campaign adviser based at least in part on discredited information gathered by a former British spy. With the coming release of IG Horowitz’s report, it’s sure to cause panic to run through Washington DC. It will also dampen the hopes of the Democrats to impeach President Trump.

We also look forward to the release of the report by Michael Horowitz, Inspector General of the Justice Department into if the FBI followed all applicable “legal requirements” when FBI lawyer Lisa Page and then-Deputy Director Andrew McCabe obtained a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant to surveil Trump aide Carter Page, weeks before the 2016 presidential election, by relying heavily on a dossier created by a firm working for the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

So, as the Democrats try to distract the American people with foolish hearings, and cries for impeachment, President Trump continues to fulfill his promises. The economy is strong, more Americans are working again, the wall is being built, and President Trump is loading the courts with Constitutional Judges.

There is nothing the Democrats and the Deep State operatives can do to stop the coming storm. Their crimes have been exposed. There is NOWHERE they can hide. The day of judgment is at hand!

When President Trump first used the term, Drain the Swamp, I don’t believe many of us knew just how deep the corruption in DC was, and if it was even possible. However, we’ve never had a President like Donald J. Trump. He has the strength and resolve needed to take on the corruption in our government.

No matter how much the Democrats scheme and cheat, they will LOSE!! We are taking OUR country back from those pushing a Globalist Agenda. It’s time to put Americans FIRST!

God Bless President Trump, and God Bless the USA!

Don't be censored

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  1. More smoke screens on the democrats part. If they had proof of any wrong doings by president Trump it would have been all over the news. We all know the democrats can’t keep a secret.



  3. So proud of the strength and mind set of our President . He is not totally distracted with all of the BS the Demos are engaging in.


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