President Trump Has Taken Off the Gloves!

This is sure to send a shockwave through the DC Swamp!

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We knew it was supposed to happen, but President Trump has given the green light to declassify ALL documents related to spying on his 2016 Presidential campaign. This is exciting news for Patriots who have watched the Democrats attack President Trump with lies and accusations.

Of course, we can expect howls of protests from the Democrats as they see their lies exposed for all to see.

Grab some popcorn and get ready for the show. Things are going to be entertaining with the Democrats and the Deep State operatives squirming and whining as the long arm of the law reaches out for them.

Don't be censored

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  1. It’s time all the evil vile greedy, power hungary democrats and some republicans pay for their crimes they comitted against our beloved President Trump and WeThe People.

  2. I can’t wait for the show to began
    The American people have been waiting on this movie to come out for along time
    I will have the popcorn popped and ready to go
    Bring on the show. I want to hear the words “Show Time:

  3. Finally it’s show time , now let’s get copies of tax returns, and bank statements of all Democrats I congress since that seems to be the latest investigation . Let’s see what they are covering up

  4. We have waited a long time for TRUTH & HONESTY. Thank you Mr Barr for backing up the PRESIDENT and upholding the laws of our land. We once again see a ray of HOPE.

  5. So proud of you President Trump.I will be voting for you again as you are doing a great are the best President in my life time and I am 65!!!With you 2020!!

  6. Finally, the day we have all been waiting for has come. As these indictments roll out every one of them should be forced to resign from Congress or their jobs. All their job benefits should also be cut off immediately . As for Obama he should be downgraded to an illegal citizen . All presidential benefits should be stopped immediately. He was not even a legitimate president. There is no question that they are guilty of treason. The real party will begin when they are sentenced to jail time. President Trump and the American people deserve justice.

  7. I will vote for Donald Trump in 2020. I wish he could be the President forever. He is the only one who has even tried to keep his campaign promises. I will stand behind him all the way. Can’t wait to watch the Democrats squirm.


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