President Trump Greets Troops in Alaska

President Trump loves our troops, and they love him.

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Today, on his trip to Japan, Air Force One stopped in
Anchorage, Alaska to refuel. Of course, President Trump didn’t waste his time while the plane was refueling. No, he used this time to greet the troops waiting to see him.

With all the ugliness happening in Washington DC, it’s refreshing to see our President spending time with our bravest serving in the military far away from home. As you can see, with each handshake and selfie, the smiles shared between the Commander-in-Chief and those waiting in line for their moment with him proves the respect they share.

This is why President Trump is so popular with those serving in the armed services. He cares about them, and is willing to show them how important that are to the safety of our nation.

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  1. We the people certainly Appreciate Everything this great man Donald j.Trump has accomplished for our country, you are our WISH COME TRUE THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!


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