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Today, as we observe Memorial Day, one must ponder the sacrifice made by those brave soldiers who fought and died defending the world against the Nazis and their evil agenda during the Second World War.

One would think the people of the world would turn their backs on the hate of that time. However, it appears there are those who wish to return to that dark time of history.

Germany’s anti-Semitism commissioner, Felix Klein has suggested Jews should refrain from wearing the traditional kippah skullcap in public due to a rise in attacks against Jews.

“I cannot advise Jews to wear the kippah everywhere, all the time, in Germany,” Klein said in an interview published Saturday by the Funke regional press group.

However, those remarks were criticized by Israeli President Reuven Rivlin as representing a capitulation to antisemitism.

“The statement of the German government’s anti-Semitism commissioner that it would be preferable for Jews not wear a kippah in Germany out of fear for their safety shocked me deeply,” Rivlin said in a statement, according to the Associated Press.

After coming to power in 1933, Germany’s Nazi Party implemented a highly organized strategy of persecution, murder, and genocide aimed at ethnically “purifying” Germany, a plan Hitler called the “Final Solution”.

In the wake of multiple attacks, Jewish leaders in Germany have called on the government to do more to protect the Jewish people living in Germany.

According to the AP, Klein defended his statement, saying he had intended it to be provocative.

“I wanted to initiate a debate about the safety of the Jewish community in our country. Of course, I believe there must not be no-go areas anywhere in Germany for Jews or members of other minorities.”

Antisemitic attacks are on the rise in several European countries. A survey of Jewish people across the European Union in December 2018 found that 89% of Jews feel antisemitism has increased in their country over the past decade, while 85% believed it to be a serious problem.

Attacks against the Jewish people in Germany have risen from 1,504 in 2017 to 1,646 in 2018, or 10 percent, according to German broadcaster Deutsche Welle. The number of violent incidents increased from 37 to 62 during that time.

Klein blames the lifting of inhibitions and the uncouthness, which is on the rise in society for the disturbing trend. “The internet and social media have largely contributed to this, but so have constant attacks against our culture of remembrance.”

Klein also called for more training of police, educators, and attorneys to better recognize anti-Semitism, Deutsche Welle reported.

This is a frightening trend around the world. We saw the effect of this type of hate when six million Jews were murdered in the gas chambers of Nazi-controlled Germany.

Gas Chambers at Auschwitz

The hate MUST stop. If we, as a people, allow those who use violence and hate to advance their agenda, we will not only lose our culture but will help destroy the freedom we hold so dear.

If we do not learn from the evil actions of the past, we are doomed to repeat them.

Don't be censored

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