Rep. Jim Jordan: Mueller Confirms NO Collusion… AGAIN!

Why the Press Conference today?

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With bated breath, the American people, and those in the media waited for Robert Mueller to deliver his statement about the results of his Russia Collusion investigation earlier today.

However, did he deliver a truthful statement?

If you are a Democrat, you will grab onto the narrative that President Trump may have committed obstruction of justice. Never mind the fact there was NO potential crime discovered during the 2+ year investigation.

Of course, if you are honest about what happened today, it’s clear that Mr. Mueller tossed a lifeline to those who have much invested in the Russia Collusion Hoax. Yesterday, he was hated by the Democrats and the leftist media, but after his statement today, he’s their hero again.

While we wait for the coming reports and declassified documents, it will be entertaining to watch the Democrats and their willing accomplices in the Deep State twist themselves into knots as they struggle to escape justice for their crime of trying to frame and then unjustly convict the President of the United States. There’s a reason President Trump has been using the term TREASON so often lately.

The fear is clear on their faces. No matter how much the Democrats howl in protest and anger, their crimes WILL be exposed. Their day of judgment is coming, and there is NOWHERE to hide.

God bless President Trump and God bless the USA

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