Spygate: President Trump Does NOT Hold Back!

All their lies are coming out.

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After Mueller gave his closing statement on the Russia Collusion hoax yesterday, there are now more questions than answers.

President Trump is correct when he says he is NOT the one guilty of colluding with the Russians during the 2016 Presidential election. In fact, with each passing day, more and more evidence has surfaced to prove it was the DNC, the Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign, and several in our Intel agencies who are the ones guilty of conspiring with a foreign agent.

Now the Democrats have hitched their wagon to Obstruction of Justice claims against the President. However, how can one obstruct justice if they committed NO CRIME?

It’s no wonder the President is angry and frustrated at what they are doing to destroy him and his America First agenda.

However, the harder the Democrats push for impeachment, the more they prove they have NO respect for the rule of law. Their arrogance WILL be their downfall.

President Trump is showing those in the DC Swamp that he is not afraid of their games, and is working hard to #DrainTheSwamp of those who do not put the interests of the American people first.

God bless President Trump and God bless the USA

Don't be censored

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