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As a former Californian, I had always thought the state was beautiful. With the Sierra Nevada Mountains along its eastern border, the endless fields of produce in its center, to the Pacific Ocean on the west, California has much to offer.

During the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, the dream of living in the Golden State was shared by thousands who packed up their vehicles and trekked across the southern desert to harvest crops and build a new life for themselves.

Thousands of Americans fled the Dust Bowl in middle America for California to find work in the fields.

However, today, the dream has turned into a nightmare for those trying to survive the horrible decisions made by the Democrat-controlled government in Sacramento.

While the Democrats preach their empty promises of a Utopian society, the state is spiraling into chaos. Sanctuary cities harbor violent illegal alien criminals, the educational system seems more worried about teaching children about sex and alternative lifestyles, and the streets of their cities are becoming a cesspool of disease and DEATH!

In this video, Dr. Drew predicts a major Infectious Disease Epidemic this summer in Los Angeles.

Of course, there are many who will say that Dr. Drew is playing Chicken Little with his claims. They will say nothing bad is happening in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

However, there is evidence to the contrary.

Now, to hear the Democrats, you’d think they are doing a great job in helping the poor and homeless living on the streets of their cities. The only problem is their words are empty. Their promises of caring and understanding do nothing to help those struggling to survive. Giving drug addicts clean needles doesn’t get them free from drug abuse.

Of course, the threat of disease is not just an issue for the homeless living on the streets.

How can anyone believe this is in the best interest of the American people? With the 2020 Presidential election cycle gearing up, I’m sure we will hear endless promises from those running on the Democrat ticket how their vision for this country is the right choice.

It seems the citizens in an Orange County California city do not agree with the Democrats and their agenda.

I understand that people can end up on hard times. I understand that others will find themselves addicted to drugs and forced to live on the streets. I even understand someone wanting to come to the USA for a better life. However, the Democrats are doing NOTHING to help these people enjoy a good life.

First of all, the citizens of California MUST come first. With the weak economy in California and the massive fires, thousands of Californians have found themselves homeless. It doesn’t help that Democrats in control of the state government seem to put the welfare of ILLEGAL ALIENS before their citizens.

California fires leave many homeless where housing was already scarce.

Then there is the problem of drug abuse and not facing the issue head-on. Giving someone a clean needle doesn’t help that person at all. Allowing them to toss used needles on the streets and parks where children play is unthinkable.

In my opinion, that is no different than giving a child a loaded gun, and acting surprised when they shot themselves or someone else.

Many of these cities have even written laws to allow someone to urinate or defecate on the sidewalks where citizens walk on a daily basis. This is absolutely CRAZY!!

I found fines for not cleaning up after your dog ranging from $50 to $1,000.

Walk your dog and not clean up after it and you get a ticket along with a hefty fine. Relieve yourself on the sidewalk and leave it there, no ticket, no fine. Where is the logic in that??

Is this a snapshot of our future should one of the Democrat’s running for President today take control of the White House again?

Is this the future you want to leave behind for YOUR children and grandchildren?

Do we need to worry about deadly Medieval diseases coming to our communities across this great nation as well? I sure hope not. Am I saying this is all the fault of the illegal aliens flooding into California? Not completely.

The Democrats have done something most of our enemies around the world have only dreamed of doing. They have weakened the United States of America by condoning illegal activity by certain groups of people and forcing many of its lower and middle-class citizens into poverty through foolish laws and neglect.

Is it all part of a master plan? I believe it is. For their Globalist agenda to be a success, all pride and belief in one’s self must be destroyed. Any hope for a better life must be erased from the hearts of the people. You can’t control those who enjoy the freedom to live their lives without government intrusion and rule.

Photo: AFP/Getty Images

The Democrats will make promises for a better America, where everyone is equal and no one will ever know failure. However, their promises are a lie. The USA was not built on the backs of victims.

The USA was built by brave Patriots who sought the dream of freedom through hard work and their faith in God.

Our history as a country may be full of mistakes and missteps, but we have changed the world by showing the rights of the individual should always come first. Now, we must step up as our Founding Fathers did all those years ago, and fight against a deadly enemy destroying us from within – The Democrat Party and their dangerous agenda.

So, where does this leave us, my Fellow Patriots? Do we allow the Democrats to continue with their destructive agenda, or do we step up and fight for our futures?

We MUST not sit at home and think leaving a comment or meme on social media is doing our part. No, we MUST get involved. We must talk to our family, friends, and neighbors to get them involved as well.

If we allow the Democrats to win the White House and keep control of the Congress in 2020, we are signing the death certificate for this land we call home.

Will you join the battle? Will you get involved in your state and community? I pray your answer is a firm and resounding YES! We must all stand strong and push back against the Democrat America-Last Agenda.

Will historians of the future teach that we saved our Republic, or will our time go down as the demise of freedom and the beginning of a One World Government and its evil agenda. The choice is ours.

God bless President Trump and God bless the USA

Don't be censored

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