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So, awhile back, I was at Wal-Mart getting groceries for the week. As I am standing in line, I notice the people in front of me. There was a woman, a man, and three or four children (it was a while ago so I can’t remember exactly how many children.)

As I’m watching these people load their items onto the conveyor, I noticed they had split their products into three groups. Now, coming from a financially challenged family, I recognized each section of their products. First, there was quite a bit of food. They had steaks, seafood, cookies, chips, soda, brand name products like Kellogs, deli cut meats and cheeses, just to name a few.

Next, there was milk, cheese, eggs, tuna, bread, and a few more items. Now, I suspected they had it divided so the first section was to be paid in food stamps or EBT and the second section paid via WIC. Once again, I came from a family that used the system so I felt I recognized these categories of items.

As I’m watching the cashier ring up these items, my blood began to boil. Most hard-working Americans can’t afford steak and seafood on the best of days and this couple, who didn’t appear to have done a hard day’s work in their lives was buying steaks, seafood, and junk food. Normally, I’m not one to jump to conclusions so I decided to calm down and wait and see how they paid for the food.

Once the first section on the conveyor had been scanned, sure enough, they pulled out the EBT card. Now I’m mad.

The next section goes through and sure enough, they pay with the WIC card. Yup, I’m even angrier now.

Then, to add insult to injury and make matters worse, the third section was alcohol. Wine coolers, beer, margarita mixes, you name it.  I overhear them telling the cashier that they were going to send their kids to grandma’s for the weekend and wanted to party. They paid for the $250 worth of alcohol with $100 bills. Now I’m pissed!!

I’d like to think I have a certain level of constraint when dealing with people. Most of the jobs in my life have involved dealing with a wide range of people, and I believe I handle adverse situations relatively well.

However, this was one thing I could not stand. I began to yell at the couple in the middle of the check-out. I (loudly) explained that many hard working American’s couldn’t afford even half of what they had and how dare they abuse the assistance given to them at taxpayers expense.

My own shopping cart consisted of flour, sugar, some spices, hamburger meat, chicken, pork chops, some frozen vegetables, and some lunch meat and cheese for lunches. I make my own bread, pasta, mayo, etc because it’s cheaper to make than to buy it. While more time consuming it’s cheaper.

Where I was buying the bare essentials so that our money would stretch as far as possible, this family (which I learned neither of them had a job) was buying things we can only get as a treat and only every few months if we’re lucky.

I realize my going off on them did absolutely no good as far as that family was concerned. However, this is part of what is wrong with our country. It’s not just the illegal immigrants or the Democrats trying to pit us against each other. It’s people who abuse the system and the help that has been provided to them.

I’m not saying I disagree with the food stamp program or the WIC program. These things are very helpful when people fall down on their luck. It happens more often than we would like to admit.

However, these programs are meant as a hand up, not a hand-out. Unfortunately, too many people take advantage of these things and as a result, those that really need the help can’t get it because there isn’t enough to go around.

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