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We’ve all watched the Democrats as they’ve tried to destroy the Trump Presidency with their lies. However, in the last few weeks, their best-laid plans have begun to melt around them.

With the release of the Mueller Report and the following reaction by the Democrats, we’ve all witnessed the frantic attempt to protect themselves from the long arm of justice. They can run, but there is NOWHERE to hide.

In a previous article, we shard a video by Dr. Dave Janda on his Operation Freedom YouTube channel. In this video, Dr. Janda explained the illegal surveillance program called The Hammer and how it was used to spy on those who the Democrats and Deep State players deemed a threat to their agenda. They thought they were safe from discovery when Hillary got elected as President. However, when President Trump won, this was the beginning of unbridled panic by those involved.

In this latest video by Dr. Janda, he gives us a look behind the curtain and the actions of those guilty of numerous crimes against the President and the American people. The video is 31-minutes long but well worth the time to watch. You will learn things the mainstream will NEVER report. However, be forewarned because this will shake you to the core.

As you can see the DC Swamp is worse than most of us ever thought. They thought they were above the law. They destroyed lives with their schemes and lies.

These same people may have even murdered to cover their crimes. Now that evidence is breaking the DNC was NOT hacked by the Russians, one only needs to put two and two together.

Photo courtesy of the Rich family.

Was Seth Rich the one who downloaded the DNC files, and then forwarded them to Wikileaks? Was he then murdered by those in the Deep State as payment for his betrayal?

My fellow Patriots, we are living in dangerous times. The Democrats and their Deep State accomplices will not surrender without a fight. They will lash out and try to distract from the evidence of their corruption.

We must NOT remain silent. We MUST share the truth with everyone we know.

We are in the fight for the future of this great nation. If we allow those guilty of the many treasonous acts we are witnessing today, our future is one of darkness and suffering.

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I thank you for taking the time to read the articles on the Trump Dispatch. Your support is needed as we share the truth the mainstream media ignores or tries to hide from the American people.

Truth is Power! The enemy will only win if we remain silent.

Below you will find links to the sources mentioned in Dr. Janda’s video. Read them and decide for yourself.

Article written by Mary Fanning and Alan Jones.

Congressman Doug Collins data dump.

The Epoch Times: Spygate Special Coverage.

Don't be censored

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