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We’ve all heard the cries from those on the left of how President Trump is cruel and heartless when it comes to the illegal aliens flooding across our southern border. We hear all the time how those poor people are fleeing the danger in their countries for a better and safer life in the USA.

Okay, most Americans would admit that crime is a problem. Drug cartels and gangs seem to run many of those countries. However, since when is it the responsibility of the American taxpayer to support the THOUSANDS of those sneaking over our border, and then demand that we house, clothe, feed, provide medical care, AND educate their children?

Illegal Immigrant “Family Units” entering via Mexico doubles, Unaccompanied Minors up 52%.

Whenever the topic of border security comes up the Democrats go to their normal demand of passing a comprehensive immigration plan. What makes something comprehensive? In the past, whenever that term was used by Democrats it normally meant, “Shut-up and do as we say. Your opinion is stupid and mean.”

President Trump had hoped Congress would get off their collective rear-ends and fund the border wall, and stop the flood of illegals. Unfortunately, there are those in Congress from BOTH sides of the aisle who feel a strange need to allow this attack on the USA to continue. Why? What’s in it for them?

There are many theories, but nothing proven. However, there are several local US law enforcement personnel who have been convicted of taking bribes from Mexican Drug Cartels to turn a blind-eye to the drugs, human trafficking, and gang members coming into the USA through the US/Mexican border.

However, will we ever learn if it goes much higher? Maybe even to those in Washington DC? It sure would answer questions many Americans have about the push-back of securing our southern border.

The open-borders crowd love to talk about all the positives of allowing illegal aliens to flood our border. They say how much they pay in taxes vs. the cost of them being here. However, the numbers don’t match the rhetoric.

The other evening, Judge Jeanine Pirro gave an opening monologue on her Fox News show that clearly laid out the danger to the USA if this invasion of our country isn’t stopped.

As freedom-loving Americans struggle to pay the heavy burden of these invaders, Congress is sitting back and preparing to vote themselves a raise in salary. WHAT?? Congress needs to be fired, NO RAISE! Judge Jeanine is correct.

So, because Congress has sat on their hands, they have forced President Trump to go it alone. However, his decision to put tariffs on imported Mexican goods caused howls of protest from the same worthless people in Congress. Heck, even several so-called Republicans sided with the Democrats.

These are just three of those siding with the Democrats.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell warns President Trump against placing tariffs on goods imported from Mexico.

So, there you have it, my fellow Patriots, no matter what, it seems as though several in government are locked into doing things as usual. Why? What do they have to gain by not standing up to Mexico?

The American people gave them a chance to prove their worth in 2016 by giving the Republicans control of the House AND Senate. Unfortunately, they squandered their opportunity to fix so many issues by blocking President Trump at nearly every turn.

Then in the 2018 midterm election, Republicans lost the House of Representatives, giving the Democrats an open door to not only block the America First Agenda but to attack the President with endless investigations.

However, President Trump outsmarted them all AGAIN. With push-back from the open borders crowd, and cowardly Republicans siding with the Democrats, President Trump worked his own deal with Mexico.

This is how you handle a country that refuses to control the illegals marching through their country to come to the USA.

The naysayers insisted this would cause a trade war with Mexico. They said we’d be forced to pay more for produce and other products manufactured in Mexico. God forbid we’d even be forced to pay an average of 10 cents more per avocado. NO, say it ain’t so!!

However, something unexpected happened; all the experts got it wrong. President Trump proved once again that he understands business. He knew the Mexican President didn’t want to take the hit of tariffs on his products. The Mexican President also understood a mass exodus of manufacturing companies because of tariffs added to their products would hurt the Mexican economy.

What?? Wait, how did that happen? How did President Trump convince the Mexican President to play along and stop the massive influx of illegal aliens?

It’s quite simple, really. President Trump showed the world that you cannot play softball with someone who is aiding others to invade your country. He didn’t do the normal dance politicians seem to do at every turn.

President Trump has once again proven he’s a genuine leader. He doesn’t bow to foreign leaders, and he doesn’t allow them to push the USA around. For the first time in my lifetime, we have a President who puts America First. He never apologizes for standing up for the American people, and he never surrenders when told he should step back and allow the USA to be treated as the world’s ATM.

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God bless President Trump and God bless the USA

Don't be censored

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