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When the whole Russia Collusion Hoax was launched against President Trump and those in his campaign and transitional team, the Democrats were convinced this would be the tool needed to destroy the Trump Presidency. However, things didn’t go as they expected.

You see, whenever you base your attack on a mountain of lies, it’s sure to fail.

It is truly a thing of beauty to watch President Trump dangle the bait, and the Democrats bite each time. You’d think they’d learn. However, it appears they just can’t help themselves.

The latest example is the interview with ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos.

While the Democrats think this is just more proof of how President Trump is guilty of the crimes they have created themselves, in this writer’s opinion, I believe the President is just setting them up again.

Of course, Twitter is ablaze with reactions:

The Democrats and their accomplices in the liberal media sure are licking their lips with the hope this is what will finally take down our President. However, I have my popcorn ready to watch them find themselves trapped in their own lies… again.

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Don't be censored

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  1. I wake up everyday, happy as a pup !!! So glad we have the GREATEST PRESIDENT in my Lifetime !!!! It’s so much fun, watching him TROLLING them!!!! God Bless Our President , Family and all Pariot’s around the World!!!!


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