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Identity Politics: What is it? How can it affect this nation as a whole? Those are questions all Americans need to ask themselves.

With the Democrats still reeling from their loss of the White House in 2016 to an outsider who doesn’t play by their rules, the weapon of Identity Politics has been deployed to counter any advances made by President Trump and his loyal supporters.

Definition according to
Politics in which groups of people having a particular racial, religious, ethnic, social, or cultural identity tend to promote their own specific interests or concerns without regard to the interests or concerns of any larger political group.

We all watched the Queen of Identity Politics, Hillary Clinton has she pandered, lied, cheated, and then tried to steal the Presidency during and after her 2016 Presidential campaign. With the Democrats running for President in 2020, we are seeing Identity Politics in full force again.

Wow, just wow!!

The separation of people into groups according to their sex, race, sexual orientation, religion, or whatever group people claim is wrong. It appears the Civil Rights movements of the past are dead and forgotten. Only to be replaced with division and hate toward those perceived as different from yourself.

However, not everyone agrees with Identity Politics.

I could go on and on with who refuse to remain silent and speak out of how the Democrat Party’s primary goal is to label individuals and force them into controlled groups of victims.

However, this is NOT a new practice. If you take the time to study history, there are plenty of examples from our past. Tyrants and Dictators have used this form of control throughout the ages.

Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany used Identity Politics against the Jewish people and others he deemed as undesirable. By painting them as evil and a threat to his idea of the Utopian Society of Nazism, he was able to convince the German people to turn a blind-eye to the horrors of the Holocaust and the murder of MILLIONS of innocent souls.

This form of Identity Politics is dangerous. It diminishes the rights of the individual, giving the mindless collective mind-hive power to dictate and control all aspects of one’s life.

If you are black, you are a victim. You must rely on the Democrat Party to provide you with your everyday needs, in exchange for your loyalty and vote. If you refuse, then you are labeled as a traitor to your race, an Uncle Tom and must be destroyed.

If you are a woman, you are also a victim. The Democrats claim they care about your rights as a woman, but if you have a different view, they will call you a troublemaker and a sellout. The six Democrat women running for President in 2020, are ALL using the I’m a Woman, so Vote for Me card. It’s even worse than that because the Democrat men running for President have also joined the game by promising to choose a woman as their VP. They all want your vote because of their sex? What about qualifications and their plans to make the USA better? Just because you’re a woman DOES NOT automatically qualify you to be President of the United States of America.

If you are Latino, you MUST support the Democrat agenda of open borders. The Democrats have promised for YEARS to fix the immigration problem. However, their plan would only allow ANYONE to come to this country and immediately get on the government teat without question. They tell us we need them to do the jobs Americans won’t do. Really? In my opinion, it sounds like the Democrats and their willing accomplices in the Republican Party, who seem to vote with the Democrats, only want low-income workers who will end up reliant on the government for their needs.

If you are part of the LGBTQ community, we are told we MUST accept them without question. We are told it’s wrong to protest our children having their lifestyle taught in the schools. We are told we MUST understand their daily battle and victim-hood that discriminates against them. This is one group that seems to be forever evolving as they include many different types of sexual orientations into their tribe. Now, the pedophiles, who claim to be Minor-Attracted, are wanting to join the LGBTQ community.

However, it seems these groups have NO problem with discriminating against those of us who are white, straight, and conservative. They also don’t mind going after those who may be part of one group but is also part of another.

If you are a black, straight, Conservative, you are hated. The addition of being straight and a conservative erases your blackness.

If you are a Conservative woman of any race, you are hated. A woman must be a liberal Democrat or take her Woman Card. A woman must be equal to a man in all ways. However, they forget women ARE already equal to men in our society. Women are serving in all levels of government, and are working in the highest levels of business.

If you are a Gay Conservative, you are hated. However, if you are a white, Gay Conservative, you are not only hated, you MUST be destroyed at all cost. Just ask Brandon Straka, Founder of the WalkAway Campaign.

In his WalkAway video, Why I left the Democrat Party, he clearly lays out the LIES told by the Democrat Party in their quest for control. He had always believed being a Gay man, he was a member of a protected group. However, he soon learned that being a white man, put a target on him from the same people he once trusted.

However, NOTHING could have prepared the Democrats for President Donald J. Trump. His victory over Hillary Clinton destroyed their best-laid plans of control. In their panic, they have escalated their plans to a fevered-pitch with the hope they can overwhelm the American people, and force us to surrender.

I have news for them… WE WILL NO LONGER BE SILENT and we will NOT surrender!

The Democrats and there brainwashed minions claim President Donald J. Trump will be the destruction of this great country. They say he has stirred hate in the hearts of the every day American, and pit us all against each other.

However, their lies only prove their fear.

President Trump is that genius, and the Democrats are the dunces against him. That is why they wail in protest as they watch the American people moving away from the lies told to control us.

Do not allow those pushing hate and lies to dissuade you from for searching for the truth. This is a tactic to divide the people into groups where we can be easily controlled.

I have always lived my life with the belief that each person I meet has a plank slate, and I leave it to them to fill it in themselves. I do my best not to judge. I leave it up to the individual to form my opinion through their words and actions.

As President Trump has said numerous times, no matter our skin color, we all bleed red. However, those in the media continue to spin the lies that he is a racist.

We need to remember those simple words. We are ALL Americans. Our skin color, sex, sexual orientation, or religion should NEVER come first. Those are labels used by the Democrats to hold us hostage and afraid to speak out about their corruption.

We need to proudly state, “We are Americans. We are citizens of the GREATEST nation on this earth. We are ONE people.”

Until we stop claiming victim-hood because of a group in which we claim to belong, we are only aiding those hell-bent on our destruction.

Don't be censored

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