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It appears the Democrats are digging in with their constant drumbeat of how it’s cruel to enforce our immigration laws. President Trump and those working hard to enforce the laws passed by those in Congress seem to have a target on them. It seems that no matter how much they try it’s never good enough for the Democrats.

To watch them go on and on about how unjust the Border Patrol officers are, makes my blood boil. While the fools in the Democrat Party LOVE to point a finger of blame at the border agents, they seem to have forgotten THEY are the ones who write the laws those working every day along our southern border MUST enforce.

If families are being separated, the blame falls at the feet of Democrat lawmakers.

If children are dying because of the ‘conditions’ in the Detainment Centers, the blame for their deaths falls at the feet of Democrat lawmakers.

If those detained don’t have enough beds, food, or other necessities, the blame falls at the feet of Democrat lawmakers.

We all know that politicians from BOTH parties have campaigned on the promise of fixing the problem of illegal immigration. All have promised solutions, only to turn a blind eye to the problems brought about by NOT ENFORCING THE LAWS THEY THEMSELVES HAVE PASSED.

When President Trump announced his bid for the White House, he told the American people he would work to solve this problem. Of course, the open border crowd exploded with cries of racism and hate for people just wanting a better life.

However, over time, these same people have proven they want NOTHING to do with any plan to secure our southern border from those who would come here illegally. With each attempt to prevent illegals from storming our border, the Democrats have used it as another way to bash President Trump.

Wanting to secure our border is NOT racist.

Wanting to enforce the laws passed by Congress is NOT racist.

Wanting to put Americans FIRST is NOT racist.

I’m sick and tired of hearing how these illegals are law-abiding people. Oh, really? The moment they set foot on our side of the border, THEY BROKE THE LAW. The Democrats say coming here illegally didn’t break any important law. Well, if you use that logic, we shouldn’t arrest someone for shoplifting, or give out traffic tickets. Heck, those laws aren’t that important if you use their way of thinking.

We hear cries of how our ICE agents are frightening those in the Latino community. Why are they frightened if they’ve done nothing wrong? Could it be they know they’ve broken our law by coming here illegally?

When President Trump announced the crackdown on those who have already had their court proceeding and were ordered deported, the Democrats not only lost their collective minds, they even worked to protect those to be deported.

Nancy Pelosi, Democrats urge illegal immigrants to resist deportation raids.

President Trump wasn’t sending out the ICE agents to scoop up all illegals, he was just going after those who had deportation orders. Yet, that was unthinkable to the open border Democrats.

It seems those in the Democrat Party are going to all lengths to give those here ILLEGALLY the same rights as the American citizen.

Angel Mom Maureen Maloney accused Andrew Cuomo of pandering for presidential votes after he pardoned 22 illegal immigrants who were eligible for deportation.

It’s bad enough that Democrats want to give driver’s licenses to those here illegally, but there is even a push to allow them to vote in our elections. Huh, they are still saying that President Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton, but giving the right to vote to those here illegally isn’t an attempt to steal elections? I’m sure if the Democrats thought for one second the MILLIONS of illegals here would vote Republican, they’d vote to round them all up and kick them out so fast your head would spin.

This is the problem we are facing today with the FAR LEFT Democrat Party. It’s gotten so bad, that THOUSANDS of life long Democrats are leaving the party in disgust.

The Democrat Party of today is not the one of John F. Kennedy. They have forgotten the little man and woman for those who have stormed over our southern border. They have forgotten the American dream is for Americans too. They have forgotten that WE elected them to represent the American citizen, not those here illegally.

I believe this country benefits from those who come here LEGALLY to live a better life and give back to this country. I believe that coming across our border ILLEGALLY makes you a criminal by the laws we have on the books today. I also believe that we should take care of our own FIRST!

When you see American citizens living on the streets or struggling to survive because their jobs are going to those here illegally, it should make you angry. Years ago, migrant workers came here to pick our crops, and then returned to their country until the next harvest season. However, now they are staying and doing jobs that once paid American citizens a good and living wage. How is this fair to Americans?

Why do so many in government today care more about illegal aliens than they do American citizens who find themselves homeless?

Yes, we are a country of immigrants, BUT we are also a country of LAWS. Just because you call them undocumented, doesn’t change the fact that they are here ILLEGALLY.

I have one question for the Democrats… WHAT PART OF ILLEGAL DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND?!?!

Don't be censored

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