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Reported in the True Pundit: As the FBI investigated whether Donald Trump was working with Russia, top bureau attorney Andrew Weissmann secretly approached a Ukrainian Oligarch’s US attorneys seeking dirt on President Trump, according to The Hill‘s John Solomon.

In exchange, the FBI was willing to drop an ongoing case against the Ukrainian – Dmitry Firtash, who was hit with 2014 corruption charges in Chicago alleging that he engaged in corruption and bribery in India linked to a US aerospace deal.

According to a defense memo recounting Weissmann’s contacts, the prosecutor claimed the Mueller team could “resolve the Firtash case” in Chicago and neither the DOJ nor the Chicago U.S. Attorney’s Office could interfere with or prevent a solution,” including withdrawing all charges. The complete dropping of the proceedings … was doubtless on the table,” according to the defense memo. –The Hill

It was a desperate move for the FBI – which was grappling with a lack of evidence against Trump as the Steele dossier was turning out to be an embarrassing dud (“There’s no big there there,” lead FBI agent Pete Strzok texted a few days before Weissmann’s overture, writes Solomon).

Firtash’s legal team thought Weissman was probably overstepping his authority, as the special counsel’s office was still subject to DOJ oversight. They were also taken aback after Weissmann went to extraordinary lengths to enlist the Ukrainian by sharing prosecutorial theories the FBI was forming about Trump and his team. – READ MORE

Since Mueller’s testimony with 198 deflections and refusals to answer the most basic of questions, things are getting interesting. We now know one of Mueller’s top associates, Andrew Weissmann worked with Ukraine to create dirt on President Trump.

Not only has this exposed Andrew Weissmann’s Ukrainian connection, but Mueller’s top witness, George Nader has been indicted and charged for trafficking a 14-year-old boy inside the United States. The web of corruption seems to be much wider than first expected.

As the Democrats continue to push to impeach President Trump regardless of the lack of evidence, they are also refusing to talk to Fox News about anything regarding Mueller’s testimony.

So, this begs the answer: What other dark secrets will come out involving Mueller’s investigators? As the crimes and proof of sedition that took place in Mueller’s team start to unravel, will they finally face judgment for their crimes?

Also, with the impending release of the IAG Report, what other secrets will be exposed, and how high up the chain of command will the attempted coup against President Trump go?

Have your popcorn and favorite adult beverage ready, my fellow Patriots. It’s sure to be one heck of a show.

Don't be censored

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