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Over the past few months, we’ve all learned just how deep the DC Swamp runs. From those in our Intel agencies scheming to overthrow President Trump, to our lawmakers on the take; nothing is surprising anymore.

We all know President Trump is a counter-puncher. If you attack him, he WILL go for the jugular. Because of this, it amazes most of us the length the Democrats will go in their lame attempt to destroy the Trump Presidency.

The latest target of President Trump is Congressman Elijah Cummings. While Congressman Cummings was bashing our border patrol agents as cruel, immigrant haters, he opened the door to be our President’s latest target.

Of course, President Trump never comments without setting up his intended target for complete exposure. Nope, not at all. President was just warming up.

Much to the disdain of the Democrats, President Trump is a master of trolling his enemies. He makes a statement, then he allows them to destroy themselves by exposing their own crimes. I believe this was the President’s goal when he targeted Congressman Cummings.

Is Elijah Cummings wife hiding millions given in potential bribes?

As reported in the Daily Caller:

Rep. Elijah Cummings’ wife runs a nonprofit that has taken millions from interest groups with business before the Oversight Committee that Cummings chairs.

Cummings’ wife did not answer a request from The Daily Caller News Foundation to review the forms, which a lawyer said was illegal.

A watchdog group filed a complaint with the IRS saying that Cummings’ family could be trading favors for money, and told The DCNF about the wife’s “creepy” and “weird” conduct when it spoke with her.

You can read the complete and informative report HERE.

So, as the Democrats circle the wagons around the Congressman and Al Sharpton howls his protests, our President will continue to allow the corrupt lawmakers in our government to destroy themselves.

As the release of the IAG report grows near and the President giving AG Barr far sweeping reach to investigate; the panic, and mindless attacks from those embedded in the DC swamp are sure to increase to a fevered pitch.

Do you have your popcorn and favorite adult beverage ready, my fellow Patriots? It’s sure to get quite interesting in the coming days and weeks.

Don't be censored

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