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2020 Democratic candidate Cory Booker is struggling in his bid for the White House, so he’s decided to make the environment one of the central pillars of his campaign.

However, while he was the mayor of Newark, New Jersey, Booker was at the center of a water scandal that is coming back to haunt him.

Those who followed the issue of drinking water quality in Newark say it brings up uncomfortable memories of the time Booker served as mayor, from 2006 to 2013.

Reported in ABS news: As a presidential candidate, Cory Booker has made environmental protection a central tenet of his social justice platform. As a United States senator, he emerged as a leading voice on the front lines of safe water for urban-dwellers.

But a growing water quality crisis gripping Newark, New Jersey, is bringing fresh attention and scrutiny of Booker’s own record when Booker was that city’s mayor — at a time when the water system was marred by scandal.

The two crises may be separated by time, but as images spread of Newark officials handing out bottled water to residents grappling with dangerous water pollution, ongoing water problems could prove increasingly uncomfortable for his 2020 presidential campaign.

“This is something that he will have to answer for,” said Krista Jenkins, a professor of political science at Fairleigh Dickinson University. “As with anyone who is a chief executive of a large city, everything that happened under his or her watch is going to become fodder for any of his or her rivals.”

You can read the entire shocking report HERE.

As you can see, candidate Booker has a lot to answer for when he was mayor of Newark. While he is quick to throw accusations at President Trump, maybe he should worry about his own actions as a mayor before he tries to take on being President.

Don't be censored

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