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The Democrats always claim to be the party of equal rights for all. They love to say how they are the party of women’s rights to get equal opportunities and pay as men.

However, over time it has come to the attention of those willing to look, the Democrats often do not live by their words.

One such Democrat is former VP Joe Biden.

Former staffers have come out to defend Biden on those grounds, penning high-profile Op-Eds claiming “he was always a champion for women, even when no one was looking.”

The only problem is, we’ve all been looking.

We’ve all seen the pictures and videos of his rather questionable actions toward women and children. While the Democrats claim that’s Joe just being Joe. In this writer’s opinion, he needs to respect a person’s boundaries. Hasn’t he heard about the Me-Too movement?

However, Biden not abiding by the rules of the Democrat agenda doesn’t end there. You see, he is also guilty of doing something the Democrats claim they own… equal pay for women.

The Senate’s first biannual spending report for 1973 reveals Biden was paying his full-time female staffers $5,029 on average during his first year in office. That is roughly 68 percent of the $7,383 average paid to men,

Reported in 1991, Biden paid his female staffers just 45 cents for every dollar a male staffer was paid.

In 2008, as he left the Senate for the role of Vice President, his average female staffer was earning 66 percent of what a male employee made.

However, it appears Biden has a short memory of how he paid his female staffers while he was in the Senate.

Where is the outrage from the Liberal Women organizations about how Biden paid his female staffers over the years he was in the Senate? Could it be they turn a blind eye when it’s one of their own?

This is just more evidence of how the Democrats talk out of both sides of their mouths. Apparently, they live by the motto, Do as I say, not as I do.

Don't be censored

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