OPINION: We’ve all heard the Democrats say how impeachment is something unfortunate that must be done. We’ve watched them nearly in tears as they told the American people how it was their responsibility to save this great Republic by impeaching President Trump for his many crimes against the constitution and the American people.

They even held up copies of the Constitution and professed their desire to hold true to its sacred words as written on each page.

Well, tonight they finally fulfilled their promise by voting YES on both articles of impeachment.

However, were they really upset about making this important vote as they claimed? Let’s watch one such Democrat as she walked to the floor to vote.

That’s the face of someone upset who is about to make such a sad vote? I think not.

Today the Democrats proved this was just revenge for Hillary Clinton losing the 2016 election.

However, after the vote, the little minions began to cheer which was against what the Swamp Mistress had ordered.

To add insult, after all of their hard work of saving the nation from evil Trump, Speaker Pelosi is dangling the idea of NOT sending this to the Senate.

There you have it, my fellow Patriots, the Democrats got their way. They’ve finally impeached President Donald J. Trump. Now they will have to live with the consequences.

We MUST get out and vote in MASSIVE numbers next year. We must not allow them to get the White House or Senate, and we must take back the House. Our futures are at stake.

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  1. they are filled, no, consumed with hatred for Killary not winning in spite of all the bribery, fraud , artificial voting machines of Soros, dead people by the millions, felons, illegals by the millions, and then the cheek, to attack the President 24/7 and Media spread lies that he is dishonest, a sextist, mysogonist (still don’t know what that means), and other accusations out of Saul Alinskys playbook Rules for radicles. Accuse the opposition of your crimes and tell the lie often enough and eventually the snowflakes believe it.


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