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OPINION: Since the day Donald J. Trump came down that escalator at Trump Tower, the Democrats have been off their normal game. For years, they always seemed to have the upper hand with any Republican who dared to step up and challenge their control of DC.

However, with the arrival of a New York businessman who speaks without fear, and is a counter-puncher, their dreams of putting Hillary Clinton in the White House came to a crashing end.

The Democrats and their lapdogs in the liberal media laughed at the idea of this outsider ever winning the Presidency.

Who is laughing now?

Of course, once they realized that Hillary wouldn’t be the President, their mood quickly changed.

Even the arrogant leftist media had a meltdown.

As time went on, the Democrats realized to regain the White House they MUST destroy President Trump in the eyes of his supporters.

Well, damn, that didn’t work for the Democrats either.

Once the Russia Collusion Hoax fell flat, the Democrats moved on to their next move in their coup: the Ukrainian Phone Call.

We can’t forget how Rep. Adam (Shifty) Schiff went on and on how it was his duty to punish President Trump.

Oh, my, and we must not forget Rep. Jerrold Nadler.

However, Rep. Jim Jordan did not disappoint.

Another show stopper was when Rep. Louie Gohmert addressed the committee lawyers.

Then Rep. Ratcliffe gave a classic slapdown.

Oops, I’m sure the Democrats never thought that lie would be exposed.

Damn, another lie fell flat.

Of course, in spite of NO evidence of anything criminal done by President Trump, the Democrats came up with 2 Articles of Impeachment that have NOTHING to do with the Ukrainian Phone Call.

Apparently, that’s the best the Democrats could come up with after wasting three years and MILLIONS in taxpayer dollars to destroy the Trump Presidency.

However, it only gets better. You see, now that the Democrats had voted to impeach the President for some reason, it appears that Speaker Pelosi has decided to hold off sending it to the Senate. WHAT, you say? How is this possible?

I don’t know about you, but I was waiting for the Speaker to wrap herself in the flag while waving a copy of the Constitution high above her head, and the National Anthem playing in the background.

Then as the debate began, it was easy to see the clear line between the Democrats hellbent on impeaching the President, and the Republicans fighting to bring honor to the House by blocking this sham of an impeachment hearing.

However, it didn’t matter what the Republicans said, the Democrats were on a mission and they had no desire to change their minds.

The voting transpired, and President Donald J. Trump was the third President of the United States of America ever impeached. Of course, we all heard what a solemn and sad day it was to vote to impeach a President. The Democrat woman all wore dark clothing and feigned sorrow for what they must do for the good of the country.

However, once the votes were tallied, some on the left could not contain their joy.

Wow, that look would send chills down anyone’s spine.

Now, it’s time to send the impeachment vote to the Senate for trial. However, Speaker Pelosi has other ideas. At least, that’s what I think she said.

WHAT??? Did you understand a word she said? What’s scary is this woman is third in line for the Presidency… YIKES!

So, there you have it, my fellow Patriots. The Democrats have dug a hole so deep for themselves, it’s doubtful they’ll ever be able to climb out.

As we all wait for the promised declass and the release of the Durham Report, it should be a hoot watching the Democrats twist themselves into knots. We all know they will try to convince the American people that President Trump is now damaged goods.

The only problem is, this stunt has only made him more powerful. The Democrats have shown those Americans who had once believed in the party just how corrupt it is. The people are awake, and they are tired of being used for votes.

There are groups such as WalkAway and Blexit that are growing every day, but it appears that Latinos are also turning to President Trump and the Republican Party.

For the first time in my life, we have a President who puts the American citizen FIRST. We have a President who fights for us and actually keeps his campaign promises. Wow, isn’t that refreshing?

Don't be censored

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