Strike Three… You’re OUT!

The Democrats commit political suicide.

Don't be censored

From the Fake Russia Dossier to the Mueller probe, and finally, to the Ukraine Phone call, the Democrats can’t seem to get anything to stick that will destroy the Trump Presidency.

However, the opposite has happened. It’s THEIR many crimes that are being exposed.

If it was so important to rush through the impeachment, WHY hasn’t it been sent to the Senate for trial? Could it be Speaker Pelosi knows her prized impeachment was built on a weak and crumbling foundation?

Could it be that she knows if President Trump gets to have a full trial, it will open Pandora’s Box and destroy the Democrats and the Deep State operatives involved in this coup?

Things are about to get interesting. Do you have your popcorn and favorite adult beverage ready?

Don't be censored

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