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OPINION: The 2020 elections will be a tipping point for freedom-loving Americans. Will we re-elect President Donald J. Trump and continue with his America First agenda, or will we surrender to the far-left, Globalist agenda of those in the Democrat Party?

We all know what those running in the Democrat Party want: high taxes, destroy the Second Amendment, open borders, and dismantle the family unit. I can go on and on. They are easy to see for what they are: Globalists.

However, there is an enemy hiding in OUR ranks. For years, we’ve called them RINOs, which means Republican in Name Only. While that is true, they are actually MUCH worse. You see, those ‘RINOs’ are, in fact, Globalists.

For years, the American people have been played for fools. We’ve been told that a RINO is still a Republican, they are just more moderate. NO, they are NOT a Republican. They are actually a hard-core member of the Globalist club. If you take a closer look at their voting records, you’ll see it for yourself.

Let’s start with the late Sen. John McCain, or the Maverick as he called himself. McCain was a Globalist. While he claimed to be willing to work with those across the aisle for the good of the American people, he was, in fact, a Globalist to the bone. How many times did we shake our heads in disbelief at a vote the Maverick would make.

Do you remember the late-night vote to stop the repeal of Obamacare? He seemed rather pleased with himself, as the Democrats struggled to contain their glee.

Let’s also not forget how McCain was the point man to get the fake Russian Dossier to the FBI.

Globalists have entrenched themselves in the Republican Party for decades. They’ve successfully convinced the American voter they are for the Constitution and doing what’s best for the American people. However, if you look closely, their actual agenda is in plain sight.

However, McCain was not alone. The Bush Family comes to mind. If you look closely at what they did while in office, you can see their actual agenda. They would often toss the American people a few crumbs so we’d believe they were working for us. However, if you looked closely, their Globalist agenda was clear to see.

Today, we hear the far-leftists speak of the New World Order. This is the utopian ideal of the world united as one. However, this is nothing new because former President George H W Bush spoke of it in 1991.

This is what we’ve been up against, my fellow Patriots. While we strive to always vote RED, are we actually electing Republicans or are we, in fact, electing Globalists?

The founder of the Conservative movement, William F Buckley warned us of how Communists were hidden deeply in our government. Of course, his warning was met with scorn by those in political leadership. They claimed that Americans would never condone Communism, so his warning was nothing but a far-fetched conspiracy.

However, if you stop and think about it, he was referring to what we know today as the Deep State. These operatives have controlled politicians for years through funding and/or blackmail. How many times have we elected someone who we believed would honor the will of the people they represent, only to be disappointed?

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Not only have the Globalists infiltrated our government, but also our educational system.

Their goal has been to destroy the very foundation of this country, and they’ve done a good job so far.

As you can see, the Globalists have been quite busy.

This is why we must understand who they are. Just because they have a D or R behind their name means NOTHING. This is how they’ve been able to gain power and control us.

Their plan has been successful because the Globalist Republicans and Democrats will get the American people arguing with each other, while they hold hands and laugh behind our backs. It’s the typical game of Good Cop/Bad Cop. Unfortunately for them, a New York businessman named Donald J. Trump threw a wrench in their plan by getting elected President.

They soon learned he could not be bought or controlled. Their normal games and lies were an epic failure against him. President Donald J. Trump has been their worst nightmare.

You see, President Trump has his own agenda. He puts the American citizen FIRST. He is working hard to destroy their evil cabal by cutting off their funding through foreign wars, and money-laundering through foreign governments such as Ukraine and corporations like Planned Parenthood.

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However, the Globalist corruption doesn’t end there. They are also guilty of the evil act of human trafficking. This immoral business has flown below the radar until brave Patriots refused to remain silent.

This video was created in 2014, the numbers are sure to be worse now.

So, this is a question you must ask yourself before casting your vote. Am I voting for a Conservative Republican or a Globalist?

Don't be censored

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