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OPINION: It comes as NO surprise that the Democrats are trying to spin the terrorist attack of the US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq as President Trump’s Benghazi.

Yes, I said TERRORIST ATTACK. They were not Iraqi mourners like the leftist media claims. The media’s wishful thinking is just another LIE. Surprise, surprise.

There’s a huge difference between the attack in Benghazi and what happened in Baghdad. President Trump didn’t wait for 13 hours to send help. NO Americans died. No fake stories were told to the American people to cover what really happened. That was the Obama administration after the attack in Benghazi.

Let’s take a little walk down memory lane…

We all remember the story about how a video caused the Benghazi attack.

However, it seems the CIA didn’t agree with the video storyline.

That was bad enough, but NOTHING could match what Hillary Clinton had to say about the whole thing.

This is why, in this writer’s opinion, former President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton BOTH have the blood of those murdered Americans on their hands.

When Hillary Clinton sat there and arrogantly said, “What difference at this point does it make?” I felt an uncontrolled rage begin to burn in the pit of my stomach. How does it matter? How can anyone say something so cold and heartless? Those Americans DID NOT need to die.

However, they did die, and their lives were sacrificed as cover for how the Obama administration used the Benghazi attack to hide arms shipments to the Muslim Brotherhood.

So, no matter how much the Democrats lie about what happened on that horrible day in Benghazi, the American people will NEVER forget.

The Democrats are desperate to find something, anything to destroy the Trump Presidency. They tried to frame him for colluding with the Russians, which led to a 2+ year witchhunt, costing the American taxpayer MILLIONS.

Then when that failed, they moved on to the Ukraine phonecall, and finally impeachment, using non-existent crimes.

So, it comes as no surprise the Democrats would try to claim the Baghdad attack was another Benghazi. Heck, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the Democrats don’t try to impeach President Trump for ordering the death of the murderous Iranian General.

President Trump is NOT Obama. He puts the welfare of the American people first, and he isn’t afraid to take whatever steps are necessary to protect us from terrorism.

God Bless President Trump and God Bless the USA

Don't be censored

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