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OPINION: In spite of the current Islamic control in Iran, the people once enjoyed a life of freedom and modern living. However, that all changed with the fall of the Shah of Iran.

The modernizing monarch of 37 years once led his country from impoverished obscurity into prosperity and power. His modernization included mass education, the near elimination of extreme poverty, the celebration of art and culture, and equal rights for women and religious minorities.

However, that was not to last. His rule was to be toppled by reactionary and murderous Islamists, whose theocracy still torments the Iranian people and the world today. The radical leader to take control was the theocratic cleric Ayatollah Khomeini.

Pro-Khomeini mobs and saboteurs during the revolution of 1978-1979 attacked Baha’i and Jewish businesses, threw acid at women in Western dress, and burned theaters. One such instance, incinerated over 400 cinema-goers. Any critics of his rule would later end up in Khomeini’s jails or before his executioners.

This was just another step by the Globalists in crushing freedom. You see, those without hope are easily controlled and taught what you want them to believe. We’ve all heard about the New World Order. Well, it’s real and they’ve been working hard to complete their agenda.

These Globalists have sown hate and mistrust between neighbors. They convince you that lies are truth and truth is lies. This worldwide organization has been working in the shadows for decades. However, they are no longer hiding. They were forced to expose themselves once Donald J. Trump was elected President.

This video shows Iran BEFORE the radicals took control.

While the Neo-Con War-mongers and Democrats, or as they should be called Globalists, hope this starts a war with Iran, let’s take a look at how Iranians living in the USA and Canada feel about the death of Soleimani.

Those sure look like happy faces to me. For years, there has been a movement in Iran to rid themselves of the evil, radical leadership controlling their country. But without the support of former US Presidents, those fighting to free their country faced imprisonment, or worse. Maybe now with so many freedom-loving people around the world pushing back against the Globalists, the people of Iran will finally be able to take their place in the world as a free people.

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This is why so many world leaders hate President Trump. His leadership has caused a worldwide awakening. The Globalists with their New World Order agenda are seeing people around the world fighting back. Several countries in Europe are kicking out the thousands of Muslim refugees trying to overtake their lives and governments, while others are preventing anything connected with George Soros from taking hold.

Corrupt governments are being exposed, and those leaders are being removed from their seats of power.

We truly are living in exciting times. The days of darkness, are behind us. We have a bright future ahead, and the people of the world are ready to enjoy renewed freedom from the evil that has controlled us for far too long.

However, Globalists are not only in other countries. We have them in OUR government at ALL levels and in both parties. Yes, there are Globalists hiding in the Republican Party too. While most patriots refer to them as RINOs, they are actually Globalists. This is why we must only elect only those who respect and live by our constitution. Just because they call themselves a Republican DOES NOT mean they are a constitutional conservative.

TRENDING: Friend or Foe.

So, my fellow, Patriots, as the November elections grow near, we must work hard to replace anyone who does not have the best interest of the American people at heart. Do your research. Educate yourself on who is on the ballot.

Our future and that of our children and grandchildren is at stake.

Don't be censored

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  1. I’ve been around for the most part of six decades and I’ve never seen a president as awesome as President Trump. 2020. Vote for Four More.


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