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We’ve all watched as Lt Gen Flynn has gone through hell at the hands of a corrupt FBI. It didn’t matter that he never lied. The investigators set him up in a perjury trap, and when that didn’t work they threatened his son and family.

However, Flynn’s lawyer, Sidney Powell, said this week that she is seeking a total exoneration from the Department of Justice for the case that has gone on for years.

Lt Gen Mike Flynn and Attorney Sidney Powell

Telling John Solomon the CEO of Just the News on his podcast, John Solomon Reports, Powell said, “We don’t want a pardon. We want exoneration.” She then went on and said, “We want this case dismissed in the interest of justice.”

Justice. What a novel idea. As Americans, we’ve all believed in equal justice for all. However, with the former Administration, that belief in equal justice wasn’t for those they considered a threat to their power and agenda.

Donald J. Trump and anyone connected to him was that threat.

In the early weeks of the Trump presidency, Lt Gen Lynn pled guilty to making false statements to FBI agents about his contacts with Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak in December 2016. This was during the presidential transition following the election.

In January, Powell filed a motion to withdraw Flynn’s guilty plea.

Then, earlier this month, AG Barr appointed Jeff Jensen, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri, to review the government’s conduct in the Flynn prosecution.

Powell said the FBI has stonewalled her requests to review the report, known as a 302, which she believes will serve as exculpatory evidence for her client. “They’re required to give us anything that’s favorable to the defense, and obviously they haven’t given us that for two years,” said Powell. “That alone would require dismissal of the case, for suppression of evidence.”

Powell firmly believes the original 302 was more than likely altered by Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. She believes it’s being hidden to cover up egregious government misconduct. “You can’t look at the altered 302 and the agents’ notes and not realize that they inserted things in there that weren’t there before.”

Jeff Jensen, U.S. Attorney
Eastern District of Missouri

Powell believes once Jensen reviews the original 302 report, she sees no reason why the case would not be over within a week.

Powell makes a clear case that her client has been the victim of multiple crimes committed by government agents. She is adamant that the first step toward justice would be for Jensen to expose the facts of the investigation and then dismiss the case against Lt Gen Flynn. “Anything less,” she said, “would be “disgraceful.”

Is this why President Trump has held off on pardoning Flynn? He did say that he wanted to wait and see how things play out. A total and complete exoneration is the only way to restore Lt Gen Flynn’s good name. Living under the shadow of a Presidential Pardon would still allow those who hate President Trump to hang it around Flynn’s neck.

There is a lot going on behind the scenes in DC and around the country to taken down those guilty of the coup d’etat. While we all want to see those guilty in handcuffs and facing judgment, we must remember that it takes time to get solid proof of guilt of the Swamp Creatures who are buried deep in our government.

Don't be censored

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