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While the Democrats were busy with their impeachment hoax, President Trump was already making plans to protect the American people from the Coronavirus epidemic spreading across China. The virus, named 2019-nCov, which causes a type of pneumonia, was first identified in Wuhan, China, in December 2019.

Of course, the Democrats immediately cried RACIST when he limited travel to the United States. However, it has been proven by making this move, the President has undoubtedly saved thousands, if not millions of American lives.

President Trump has recently expanded the travel ban to include countries in Europe. Italy has been hit especially hard with those contracting the virus. As of March 12, 2020, thousands have been confirmed infected, with 827 who have died.

By restricting travel from impacted areas, President Trump has taken necessary action to curb the spread of the coronavirus to the United States from other countries.

Like everything else, it was only a matter of time before the coronavirus became politicized. The Democratic presidential candidates and their accomplices in the media are still claiming that President Trump isn’t doing enough to protect Americans. Some are even saying that our federal government isn’t prepared to handle the spread of coronavirus.

The Democrat leadership in DC has refused to work with President Trump on this horrendous event. Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats in the House even snuck funding for Planned Parenthood into the bill to combat the Coronavirus.

It doesn’t stop there. Even former VP Joe Biden has allegedly used the coronavirus threat to fundraise for his political campaign. Sickening.

However, it appears that Democrat Governors and Mayors have broken ranks with those in DC and are finally doing what is expected to protect the people they serve.

This virus doesn’t care if you are a Republican or Democrat. So, if our elected officials just try to use it to hurt President Trump and his re-election, they are to blame for any deaths that could have been spared by taking proper action.

Some Democrats are even using the talking point that President Trump doesn’t believe in science. However, Science Experts have quietly admitted President Trump’s actions are saving lives during this coronavirus epidemic.

PJ Media has more on Trump’s successful actions to slow and stop the coronavirus:

Democrats and the media may be trying to pile the bogus attacks on Trump over the United States’ response to the coronavirus epidemic, but Trump should be getting credit for acting decisively and taking action that likely saved lives, even though it was a politically unpopular move to make. New York Times science reporter Donald G. McNeil Jr. noted that the Trump administration took “aggressive measures like barring entry to non-Americans who were recently in China and advising Americans not to go to China or South Korea,” and that this strategy worked, despite the fact that the World Health Organization officially opposes travel and trade restrictions, and “reiterated that even as it declared the epidemic a global emergency on Jan. 30.”

Republican Senator Tom Cotton said on Friday that “The single most consequential and valuable thing done to stop this virus from already spreading throughout the United States was when President Trump decided to shut down travel to China last month.” He also acknowledged that “the so-called experts who opposed the decision at the time” eventually admitted that it “bought valuable time to prevent the spread of this virus in the United States.”

President Trump and VP Pence have tackled this epidemic head-on. While the media continues to stoke fear and panic, the Trump Administration is working hard to spare as many as possible from contracting the Coronavirus, while trying to ease the minds of the American people through calm and level-headed messaging.

My fellow, Patriots, we have faced epidemics before. During the Obama Administration, it’s estimated the 2009-2010 swine flu worldwide pandemic caused more than 12,000 flu-related deaths in the USA.

However, there was one stark difference in how that event was handled. President Obama had waited until there were 1,000 deaths before he declared a national emergency. Where was the outrage from the Democrats and the leftist media for waiting so long to take action?

So, as the Democrat leadership in DC runs for any camera available to claim credit for the steps President Trump is doing, the American people know the truth. It was President Trump who stepped up and took immediate action while facing the wrath of those now acting as though only they can save the American people.

As of the writing of this article, President Trump has declared a National Emergency over Coronavirus. This action will unleash the private sector to work with Federal and State governments in the battle against this pandemic. Billions of dollars will now be available.

The unknown is frightening, however, we must not surrender to fear. We are truly blessed to live in this country where we can enjoy the freedom to raise our families, live our lives, and worship our God.

My prayer this day is that we remember to be thankful for God’s constant protection in our lives. While we don’t always know God’s plan for us, if we have faith and live according to his word, he will bless and always be with us. Amen.

Don't be censored

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