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Being Constitutional Conservatives and Trump supporters, we have been called many names by those on the left. They have labeled us as haters, stupid, uneducated, and conspiracy nuts for pushing back against their New World Order agenda.

While they may paint it as a Utopian Society, what they are leaving out is the loss of personal freedom. You will live and die as they see fit. This has been touted for decades. However, we now have a President who refuses to play by THEIR rules.

Over the past few years, there have been those who have begun to question the vaccines forced on us and our children. With claims of healthy children getting pumped full of vaccines to suddenly die or become autistic, anyone blaming it on the vaccines is attacked and shamed as a fearmonger.

Years ago, our children would get their vaccines spread out over time. Now, they load their tiny bodies up with several shots at ONE visit. How can that be good? Yet, if you try to share information about the dangers of vaccines on young children, you are ridiculed and blocked on social media as spreading fake conspiracies. Back when mothers breastfeed their children, through her milk, the child would get immunities to disease. Could that be why women were told to stop breastfeeding? That’s one of those things that makes you say, “Hmmm…”

As a child, I had Rubella, or better known as German measles. My mother said I was quite sick, but over time I recovered.

This is the rash from Rubella.

However, years later, I learned that I had passed the immunity on to my children. Our bodies truly are miraculous things, aren’t they? However, the doctor still said my children needed the shot for German measles. Now, I understand why. Vaccines are a multi-billion $$ industry per year.

With the current coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to understand who it is providing the vaccines supposed to protect us: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC.

Most would believe the CDC is a government agency like the IRS or Department of Education. However, it might come as a surprise to learn the CDC is actually a subsidiary of Big Pharma. Yes, it came as a surprise to this writer, as well.

Green Med Info reported January 17, 2017, then-President-Elect Donald J. Trump invited Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to discuss Mr. Kennedy leading a vaccine safety commission.  Of course, the mainstream media coverage of the meeting was widespread and furious. After all, the CDC holds the patents to the vaccines they recommend we get each year. If trusting people get vaccines, the CDC makes money and lots of it. They don’t care if babies die or people get sick from the poisons put in the vaccines.

Apparently, the vaccine industry and its media lapdogs did not want their corruption exposed in any official forum, and they aimed their fury at President-Elect Trump and Mr. Kennedy. I HIGHLY recommend that you read the entire report here. I’m sure you’ll find it quite informative.

Okay, it’s now time to put on our Tin-Foil Hats. With the people who profess to protect us from getting the flu with annual flu shots, it makes one wonder if there isn’t a conflict of interest to financially benefit from those shots. What say you?

If you tell your doctor that you don’t want a flu shot, you often get a lecture on how they save lives, and you really need to get it. However, there are millions of people who somehow make it through the flu season without getting the shot. Even President Trump has said he doesn’t get the flu shot.

Another Tin-Foil Hat moment: How many of the elderly who have died from the coronaflu had a flu shot this year? Could there be something in the flu shot that had weakened their immune system? We were all told from the beginning of this mess the coronaflu is more deadly to those over 60-years-old. That’s the age group told to get the flu shot to protect themselves. Coincidence? Just a random thought…

Over the years, we have learned that much of our trusted medications contain deadly ingredients or have those that do nothing, flooding into our country from China. This begs the question: why should we trust these vaccines? From the beginning of time, the human body has fought off disease. However, over the years of anti-bacterial soaps and other products, have we lowered our body’s ability to fight off invading bacteria, and viruses?

Playing in the mud is one of the joys of childhood.

As a child, I remember playing in the dirt and drinking from the water hose in the backyard. We didn’t drink bottled water or sanitize our hands throughout the day. Our bodies built up immunities to foreign substances, so if we did happen to get sick, we weren’t on death’s door because our bodies were unable to destroy the invader.

Now, I’m not saying this coronavirus isn’t a bad thing. I do, however, believe it is being used to scare people into not stepping out of line. Since President Trump was elected, many of us have taken the Red Pill. We are learning the truth about the world we live in, and learning much of what we once believed to be a lie. I often say we really are living in the Matrix, and have just learned the truth.

My fellow, Patriots, we are blessed as a nation to have President Donald J. Trump taking the lead in this battle. He was right in January when he stopped travel from China. He was right again when he later stopped travel from other countries. It’s quite amusing to see Mexico closing their borders to protect themselves from coronavirus.

We are told to keep a safe distance for each other. To stay in our homes, and not go to work or school. The stock market has dropped 10,000 points, and companies, both large and small are worried about how long they can hang on. The President and Republicans have tried to get a temporary stimulus bill passed. This would have money available for businesses AND money to be paid directly to the American people.

However, we have the Democrats playing their typical games with the stimulus bill. It seems that THEIR agenda is more important than the financial survival of the American people. Hopefully, those Americans who have loyally supported the Democrat Leadership will now see them for what they really are: hypocrites, frauds, and only worried about THEIR power and wealth.

With MILLIONS of hard-working Americans out of work, and wondering how will they pay their bills, maybe it’s time to stop paying those serving in the House and Senate until this whole mess is over. Why should we, as taxpayers, pay them to vote AGAINST our best interests?

My fellow, Patriots, please join me in a prayer of protection for those on the frontline of this horrible event. As each day passes, we are closer to this being a horrible memory. So, in the meantime, slow down, look around, and be thankful for the blessings you have.

Don't be censored

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  1. I had no idea that the CDC was part of Big Pharma! I always assumed it was another federal government branch. There is no doubt that if this is true that a HUGE conflict of interest is going on here. SURPRISE!


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